Attic Insulation for your South Florida Home: Things You Need To Know

28 Sep, 2015 | by Tamara Chase | Roofing

Attic Insulation for your South Florida Home: Things You Need To Know

Attic insulation can add a great deal of protection to a home is southern Florida. Along with protecting the inside of the home from the outside elements, it can save money on monthly energy bills as well. Properly installing attic insulation is a relatively easy process but the attic should be inspected by a professional to ensure there isn’t asbestos or other harmful materials present. If there is, it should be removed professionally to prevent exposure to the rest of the home.
Attic Insulation for your South Florida Home

The most common form of insulation that is installed into a home is loose fill or batt insulation. Loose fill is usually the most affordable product on the market and works well when trying to cover a large area. Before installing either of these insulations, the home should be inspected for any air leaks that should be sealed before installation. Key indicating factors that a problem is present can be found on the ceilings and walls in the form of water spots; wet or dry. Mold also shows there is a large problem with leaks and gaps. Insulation can protect your home but it does not protect from moisture leaking in.
In addition to sealing air leaks, the area around chimneys or exhaust fans should be checked as well. Caulk or cement should be used for this process. Large gaps as well as spots at the top of the interior walls that meet the ceiling should be filled with expanding spray foam or caulk.
Adding attic insulation to your home can be a helpful tool to protect your investment as well as keep it comfortable and cut down on heating and cooling costs. In an area such as southern Florida, you may want to install a radiant barrier in the attic along with the insulation because of the warmer climate. This barrier reflects some of the heat that is hitting the house and sends it back to the outdoors rather than absorbing it into the home, making your central air conditioning run more frequently.
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