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Roofing Tactics to Prevent Mold and Algae Growth in Florida

Ever wondered how a roof withstands the relentless onslaught of Florida’s weather? Between oppressive moisture, sweltering warmth, and unceasing showers of rain, it’s not only about maintaining dryness. It becomes a battle against an invisible enemy: mold and algae growth. These unwelcome guests can turn your beautiful home into a hotbed for structural issues if […]

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Florida’s Incentives for Energy-Efficient, Hurricane-Proof Roofing

Ever felt like your roof is a sieve, leaking dollars into the ether? As Florida homeowners, we’ve all had that sinking feeling as our energy bills arrive. Would it surprise you to hear there’s an upside to this situation? Are there any financial incentives or insurance benefits for property owners who invest in hurricane-resistant or […]

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Decoding Florida’s Roofing Codes & Their Impact on Building Projects

Have you ever wondered why a roof in Miami looks different from one in Jacksonville? It’s not just about aesthetics or personal preference. In fact, it boils down to something more technical: roofing regulations and codes. These seemingly mundane rules are the silent puppeteers pulling strings behind each roofing project across Florida. Just like navigating […]

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Metal Roof Styles

In Florida, there are many variations of metal roof styles. We like to put them into three main categories of metal roof styles and then I’ll explain the different profiles in each one.  Standing Seam Metal Roofing. Primarily used for residential homes.  Exposed Fastener Roofing, seen on both residential and commercial buildings.  Residential Metal Roofing […]

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Metal Roof Colors

Every manufacturer creates its own set of metal roof colors many of which are very similar in appearance. These colors are available in both galvalume and aluminum.  Check out these two color charts below from two different manufacturers that service the Florida region. We work with both manufacturers and are able to get you whatever […]

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How Often To Replace Roof Material

There are a handful of factors that determine how often to replace roof materials on your home.  Geographical location The type of material (whether shingle, metal or something else) How it was installed How it’s maintained  The difference between what a manufacturer says and what a seasoned roofer says.  In this blog, I will discuss […]

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