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Blog THE BEST ARCHITECTURAL SHINGLES What Is An Architectural Shingles? Architectural shingles, Dimensional shingles, or Laminated shingles are all terms that describe the same type of shingle. These shingles are thicker than a three-tab shingle because they have multiple layers adhered together to make one whole shingle. Architectural shingles also come with a textured look to make […]


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Blog DURATION SHINGLES | WHY IT RANKS #1 BEST SHINGLE Duration Shingles The duration shingle comes with many features that are important to consider when planning on replacing your roof.  There are many types of shingles in the market right now but after our extensive research and comparison, we have found that there is no […]

How To Repair Roof Shingles Blown Off

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Blog HOW TO REPAIR ROOF SHINGLES BLOWN OFF In this blog, I will discuss how to repair roof shingles blown off in a storm. High wind, old age, and poor installation all lead to shingles blowing off. Along with a lower quality shingle.  Keep in mind when choosing a shingle, that while there are brands that […]

How Long Does A Shingle Roof Last

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Blog HOW LONG DOES A SHINGLE ROOF LAST We are often asked, how long does a shingle roof last. The answer is not as simple as giving you a specific year or length of time. It depends on the type of shingle and where you are in the country. Shingle roofs in South Florida have […]

Roof Ventilation For Shingles

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Blog ROOF VENTILATION FOR SHINGLES One of the most important components of your roof is the ventilation system. Old homes might not have it or they might have an old system that doesn’t perform well. You need roof ventilation in your home if there is space between the decking and the ceiling of your dwelling.  […]

Roof Shingles

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Blog ROOF SHINGLES Roof shingles are one of the types of roofing materials that are made out of asphalt. There are many types of shingles made by a handful of manufacturers. All of the roof shingles are not available in every state. Some brands are more prominent in certain states depending on the location of that manufacturer. […]