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Is Your Florida Home’s Attic Insulation Sufficient for Temperature Control?

Blog IS YOUR FLORIDA HOME’S ATTIC INSULATION SUFFICIENT FOR TEMPERTURE CONTROL? Ever feel like your Florida home just can’t beat the heat, no matter how high you crank up that air conditioning? Maybe it’s not an issue with your AC. Instead, think about this: How do I know if my Florida home’s attic insulation is […]

Florida’s Cool Roofs: Benefits and Energy Impact Explained

Blog COMMON MISTAKES WHEN CHOOSING A ROOFING CONTRACTOR IN FLORIDA Ever found yourself caught in the blistering Florida heat, wishing for shade to escape under? Now imagine if your commercial building felt just like that. Your energy consumption would skyrocket trying to keep things cool! What are the benefits of installing a cool roof system […]

Florida Roofs: Adding Rainwater Systems & Considerations

Blog FLORIDA ROOFS: ADDING RAINWATER SYSTEMS & CONSIDERATIONS Ever looked up at a Florida downpour and thought, “Can I incorporate rainwater harvesting systems into my home’s roof in Florida? What should I consider?” You’re not alone. As Floridians, we’ve all been there – standing under our eaves during those heavy summer storms, watching gallons of […]

Ensuring Proper Drainage On Flat Commercial Roofs In Florida

Blog ENSURING PROPER DAMAGE ON FLAT COMMERCIAL ROOFS IN FLORIDA Ever watched a leaf caught in the middle of a puddle, just spinning around with nowhere to go? That’s how water can feel on your flat commercial roof in Florida, trapped without proper drainage. And when this happens, it leads to an unwelcome guest – […]

Common Mistakes When Choosing a Roofing Contractor In Florida

Blog COMMON MISTAKES WHEN CHOOSING A ROOFING CONTRACTOR IN FLORIDA Ever wondered why the roof over your head doesn’t always keep out Florida’s unforgiving storms? Could it be that you’re unknowingly part of a chorus of homeowners singing the same song about common mistakes made when choosing a roofing contractor in Florida? It’s like buying […]

Metal Roof vs Shingles

IMG 8107 1 scaled.jpg

Blog METAL ROOF VS SHINGLES When comparing a metal roof vs shingles, they both have their advantages, and we recommend the following considerations when choosing between the two. It mainly comes down to the goals you have for your property and home when it comes to choosing between metal roof vs shingles. For example, how […]

3 Tab Shingles

Screen Shot 2021 09 16 at 3.05.23 PM.png

Blog 3 TAB SHINGLES 3 Tab Shingles will be your most economic choice for your house although they have the lowest wind resistance and life span of any of the shingles. With a wind resistance of only 60 MPH and a life expectancy of 25-years from the manufacture, this 3 tab shingle might be the […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Roof Warranty

Blog EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT A ROOF WARRANTY What’s The Difference Between Warranties Not every roof warranty from the manufacturer or roofing company is the same. Even if they use the same language like, “Limited Lifetime” or “50-year shingle” doesn’t mean this is accurate. We highly recommend reviewing the fine print and understanding […]

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