Chase Roofing Can Handle Your Emergency Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Chase Roofing Can Handle Your Emergency Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

It’s not a good scene. All of a sudden, the non-stop, pouring rain outside is now entering your home. Your roof is leaking! And you don’t know the cause. This is an emergency. You need emergency roof repair in Fort Lauderdale. You need to call Chase Roofing and Contracting, a full-service roofing company. We’re available around-the-clock.

Call Us for Your Emergency Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

The first thing we need to do is to identify the cause of the leaks in your roof. And obviously, we need to move quickly. Your roof could be leaking due to a multitude of issues, including cracks or breaks in flashing; missing, buckling or curling shingles; or your roof may be simply worn out, especially if it’s over 20-years old. And the minute a storm comes through, your roof is compromised.

Once we identify the source of the leak, we’ll repair it, even if only temporarily. Remember – this is an emergency and we need to move quickly. Then we’ll sit down with you and discuss all options. We can either repair it, do maintenance on it or replace it altogether.

And let’s face it – sometimes we’re not financially prepared to handle an emergency such as a roof repair. But not to worry. Chase Roofing and Contracting offers competitive pricing, and we offer many

financing options. In addition to that, right now, we’re running a promotion. You can get $100 off any roofing project of $1000 or more.

We have many different types of roof materials available and also provide many services, including the following:

* Roof repair

* Emergency roof repair (we’re available 24/7)

* Attic insulation

* Commercial roof repair and installation.

Chase Roofing and Contracting has been providing residential and commercial roofing service in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and other parts of Florida since 2002. We’re good at what we do! Our customers can attest to that. And we’re ready to help you.

Not only is this the rainy season, but it’s also hurricane season. Emergencies happen. If you need emergency roof repair in Fort Lauderdale, or if you’re in the market for a new roof, call Chase Roofing and Contracting at 954-680-8588.