Five Ways Your Roof Can Become Damaged in Tampa

Five Ways Your Roof Can Become Damaged in Tampa

Smack in the middle of hurricane season in South Florida, we’re all hoping our roofs hold up to the harsh tropical weather that this area can experience during rainy season. At Chase roofing in Tampa, we’ve built our business by making long-lasting relationships with our customers. Whether it’s repairs, maintenance, installations, or replacements, Chase Roofing can provide the professionalism and skilled craftsmanship to complete a job-well-done. Our customers have learned that protecting their roofs is one of the best investments they could possibly make. Here are five ways your roof could be damaged, and preventative measures to consider.

Improper Installation/Repair

This reason may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how often people fall for scammers after a big storm hits their house and they’re desperate for a quick and easy repair. Scammers come door-to-door and offer incredible deals that seem too good to be true, and unfortunately, some people pay to have their roof replaced or repaired without having any evidence that their roofer is licensed or insured. The work is completed, and the customer believes their roof is built to last when in reality, it fails to meet the proper specifications – and the customer is left to seek out another roofer to repair their roof once more damage occurs. This reason is why it’s so important to hire a professional to replace or repair your roof. At Chase Roofing in Tampa, we’re both licensed and insured, so that when our team is working on your roof, you know you’re in good hands.

Lack of Maintenance

Many people fail to get roof inspections over time and allow their house to be covered by a weak roof. Minor issues, including missing roof shingles, clogged gutters, or small cracks in tiles can cause the roof to be weak and not properly protect the house. Having a weak roof leaves the house more vulnerable to minor occurrences that would normally not cause great damage. Regular inspections on either commercial or residential roofs can protect your building from damages and save you money in the long run. Chase Roofing in Tampa provides inspections for both commercial and residential roofs, so we can ensure your roof’s durability and strength and save you from having to pay for an entirely new roof in the future.


Pests like raccoons, rats, and termites can seek shelter in your attic or roof and cause serious damage from the inside out. Raccoons can tear shingles and break holes in your roof, leaving you susceptible to damage from the elements. Rats can also cut holes in your roof, but these pests also are known to chew up electrical wire found in your attic and either die and rot in the attic, or potentially start a house fire. Termites are the worst pests because they can cause the most significant damage to the structure of the roof, and cause you to have to replace the entire roof. Chase Roofing in Tampa offers inspections that check to see if there are any signs of pests entering or living in your roof or attic. Inspections can help stop pests in their tracks and save you from requiring a completely new roof.

Water Damage

Possibly the most common way for your roof to begin to wear, water can leak from the roof into the attic and inside your home. A constant water leak can lead to mold or other issues that ruin the interior of your home. Living in South Florida, roofs are prone to increased water damage from seasonal storms and hurricanes. Luckily, Chase Roofing has been serving the South Florida area since 2002 and is trained and experienced in repairing water damage on roofs.

Wind Damage

Another common way your roof begins to wear, wind can weaken the shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials that currently hold your roof together. Wind can threaten your roof’s durability, especially high winds experienced during hurricane season in South Florida. This reason is why Chase Roofing recommends routine inspections to ensure that wind damage is minimal in the future. However, if your roof does experience severe wind damage, Chase Roofing in Tampa is experienced in replacing or repairing your roof to be stable and strong in South Florida during hurricane season.