Short Summary:

On the front lines since 1902, Children’s Home Society of Florida is the oldest and largest statewide organization devoted to helping children and families. Children’s Home Society of Florida offers services that help break the cycles of abuse in more families, heal the pain for traumatized children, guide teens to successfully transition into adulthood and create strong, loving families through adoption.

Children’s Home Society of Florida serves approximately 100,000 children and families throughout the state each year, including more than 10,000 in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. More:


  • New school supplies & back packs (especially for back to school, but needed year-round)
  • New unwrapped children’s toys, especially learning toys for younger ages
  • Children’s books for ages 0-12
  • Diapers and baby wipes
  • Arts & crafts supplies
  • Gift cards for teens or to bring children shopping for special needs (Walmart, Target)


Broward: (954) 453-6461

Miami: (305) 755-6532

Palm Beach: (561) 868-4359

*Volunteer opportunities differ by county. Volunteers desiring direct contact with children will be required to do a background screening.  CHS offers volunteer hours for students and welcomes corporate volunteer teams also.



*When people donate it will allow them to select their area and/or region of support.  For example, residents of Broward can select Broward and residents of Miami can select Miami.

Lailah’s Story

Lailah is an inspiration to her friends at Children’s Home Society of Florida and to her family. At only 11 years old she has experienced significant trauma through the loss of her father. She used to keep these feelings of anxiety boxed up inside and soon those around her did not recognize the sweet little girl they had known. She was acting out in school, had terrible grades, and could not maintain positive relationships. She felt lost. Her own brother didn’t enjoy her company. She was often fighting with her family and she was in danger of being kicked out of yet another school.

But that all changed after she met Kristen, her counselor, and found acceptance and support with Children’s Home Society of Florida. CHS recognizes that not all scars can be seen on the surface and that children need support, time and resources to truly heal. Together, Lailah and Kristen talked about her struggles and worked through them. Kristen taught Lailah valuable coping skills that have made her feel more in control of her feelings.

If Lailah had not met Kristen through Children’s Home Society of Florida she does not know where she would be right now. What she does know is that she feels EXCITED for school to start! She ended the year with better grades and did great on her reading test. She joined a soccer team and loves when her mom, brother, and grandmother cheer her on at games. She dreams of being a fashion designer and model.