Here Are 5 Common Types of Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

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Here Are 5 Common Types of Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Despite the different types of roof material out there, the roof is typically thought of as one of the sturdier parts of the home and we tend to overlook it until something goes wrong. But, like anything else, the roof is subject to deteriorating or having issues. These roofing issues often go unnoticed for some time, causing many other problems throughout the home.

The best thing to do when you’re suspicious of roof damage is to have a contractor come out and take a look. That way, if something is wrong, you can get the issue fixed. Or, if everything looks good, you can have peace of mind. 

Top 5 common types of roof repairs in Fort Lauderdale.

Not sure if something is wrong with your roof? Follow along with this guide.


One roof problem that often goes unnoticed is punctures. This issue can occur from almost anything, making every roof, regardless of type, susceptible to this kind of damage. The damage is distinct from the rest as it has a unique look. If you notice small holes in your roof, it’s most likely a puncture problem. Walking on the roof, putting on decorations on it, and the elements can cause these little holes to pop up. The damage may seem small, but many small holes and dips can add up. Also, keep in mind that even the smallest amount of damage done can result in damage to other parts of the roof. You may think it’s just a puncture problem in one small section, but one puncture can cause more structural damage than you think.

Mold Growth

Roofing problems do not just affect the material of the roof. These problems also come in the form of mold. You may think mold is no big deal, but it spreads quickly and wrecks everything in its path. Living in Florida naturally puts all types of roof material in harm’s way. There’s no escaping the hot, humid, and wet climate. The humidity isn’t the most concerning, but it should be addressed immediately so it doesn’t lead to mold. Enough mold growth can result in the wearing down of the tiles and shingles on the roof. After enough wear and tear, you may even end up needing a full roof replacement.

Leaky Roof

One of the most common types of roof damage in Fort Lauderdale is a leaking roof. Leaky roofs, although common, can be quite harmful. Simply because with water comes mold. As soon as you notice your roof is leaking, reach out to the Chase Roofing team as soon as possible. A leaking roof creates a humid and wet atmosphere, perfect for mold. The last thing you want is two types of roof issues to pop up at the same time. You may notice water and think nothing of it. But, if a storm just passed or if your gutters are overflowing, it may be time to consider that the roof is leaking as a result.

Shingle and Tile Replacements and Repairs

The shingle and tile types of roof are quite popular in South Florida as they give homes the resort look that matches the state perfectly. But, one downside to these styles is how sensitive they are. While both shingles and tiles are sturdy for the most part, sometimes the wind and the rain are stronger. If you notice parts of your shingle or tile roof are missing or look cracked, it’s time for a repair. It may not need repair after one storm, but after a summer full of aggressive Florida storms, you may need to call a contractor.

Granule Loss

Last but not least, granule loss is another type of roof repair in Fort Lauderdale. Granules are a part of the shingles on your roof and are a vital element. When the granules start to fall off the roof, it’s a huge indicator that the shingles need to get replaced or repaired. Without these granules, the shingles are only going to degrade more and more until they no longer hold up or serve a purpose. Some places you can check for granules are in the gutters or on your lawn.

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