How to Prepare Your Roof For A Hurricane In South Florida

How to Prepare Your Roof For A Hurricane In South Florida

If you’re new to owning a home in Florida, you are probably interested in learning how to prepare your roof for a hurricane. If your house is in an unobstructed location or within 1500 feet of open water, you are more susceptible to damages caused by winds. You should consider this when planning a home improvement project. By properly protecting and maintaining your home and your property, you can minimize potential damage to your property and your neighbor’s as well.

You can prepare your roof for hurricane season by inspecting your house to see if retrofitting is necessary. If you are not certain if your house needs certain changes, or you’re not sure about your ability to inspect your house, call a qualified professional.

A roofing professional can best determine when you should replace an aged roof. You’ll also need a professional to determine how well a door or window frame is anchored to the exterior walls.

how to prepare your roof for a hurricane

How To Prepare Your Roof For A Hurricane

Twice a year do the following:
– Go up to your attic and use a flashlight to inspect for stains caused by leaks.
– Look for cracked paint, discolored gypsum board, and peeling wallpaper inside your house for these are signs of roof damage.
– Check your downspouts for signs of excessive granule loss. Although most shingle manufacturers guarantee their products to last 20 years, many roofs with standard asphalt shingles over 15 years old need reroofing, especially in extreme weather climates.
– Check to see if your roof is fastened to the top of the exterior wall with metal hurricane straps or clips that provide the proper measure of strength and safety.
– If not properly fastened, install a hurricane clip/strap where the roof rafter meets the exterior wall.
There are other roof covering products you can use to protect your roof during hurricane season:
– Wood Shakes and Shingles
– Clay or Concrete Tile
– Metal Roofing
– Others

You can have a more secure roof by making sure that all shingles/tiles/panels are fastened down tightly and by replacing the ones that are missing or loose. Hiring a roofing professional to evaluate your roof covering is a good option for how to prepare for hurricane season.

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