Residential re-roof

We, at Chase Roofing, stand ready to perform any necessary roofing repairs. Residential roofing repair often allows us to showcase our abilities to correct common problems left behind by a home’s original builder. In the case of commercial roofing repair, we are aware of the many causes of problems that result from standing water, roof neglect, and much more.

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Residential Re-roof

There is a difference between how long a manufacturer says the shingle should last and how long it actually lasts. Especially in Florida where your homeowner's insurance will want you to replace your roof at a specific point.


Your roof will last longer if it was installed by a roofing company that followed the manufacturer's instructions including having the proper ventilation. A residential re-roof comes with specific requirements from both the manufacturer and building codes. Some houses were built before codes were in place, which means when you get a new roof, certain things will need to be upgraded. 

Cost Of Reroof

When putting together a price for a house we have to take into consideration the size, and shape of the house along with the pitch and difficulty of access. We also need to factor in all the different options that come with a residential re-roof. For example, not every shingle is the same, some are meant to last 25-years while others are designed to last 50-years. 

Because of the complexity of all these details, it's impossible to give a fair cost of a residential re-roof without seeing the house first. We always want to inspect the attic space and walk on the roof. One unexpected cost you might find is if your house needs plywood replaced. This is hard to gauge beforehand so we try to inspect the attic beforehand. 

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Can You Re-Roofing Over Existing Shingles?

Building code here in Florida will not allow you to install shingles over top of existing singles when you do a residential re-roof. This is one of those situations where the manufacturer does allow for this, without giving their enhanced warranties, but the building code doesn’t allow it and we follow the Mimi-Dade building code with all our residential re-roofs.