Roof Replacement Options for South Florida

Roof Replacement Options for South Florida

By living in southern Florida you are certainly well aware of the necessity of having a rood that is very resilient to the regular harsh winds that hurricanes can present. Often times homeowners will wait far too long to notice the developing roofing problems until it is too late, and then be forced into purchasing a roof replacement option that does not fit their need. It is always best to begin looking for roof replacement options in South Florida before the rainy or hurricane season, in order to obtain the best cost effective deal for your home. There are several options you can consider, including slate as well as metal roofing.
Shingle Roofing South Florida

One very crucial consideration when facing the need to replace your roof in southern Florida, is, selecting a roofing option that will be able to sustain the incredibly high winds of hurricane force 120 – 140 mph winds. By considering an asphalt shingle roof option, you will be using an option that is cost effective, and has proven hurricane proof durability. In addition, the roofing shingles are quite popular in most residential areas in southern Florida. Another benefit in using an asphalt shingle roofing option is that you are able to purchase it in a variety of styles as well as colors, to accent any particular home color.
Metal Roofing South Florida

Another very sturdy and durable option to consider is the use of metal roofing in the replacement of your roof. It is not only hurricane resistant but because of its strength and longevity, you will not have to worry about needing to replace it as often. There is also another advantage to metal roofing and that it is certainly resistant to fire and provides you and your family with outside noise insulation which allows you and your family more comfort. You will also find that metal roofing can be purchased in a number of styles which can even have the appearance of slate, shingles and even tiles
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