Spa Day for Your Roof

Spa Day for Your Roof

It is summer, which means your roof is due for roof maintenance. It is like “Roof Spa Day”. Did you ever imagine that cleaning the roof gutters and the leaves off the roof will keep you from getting leaks? These items are often overlooked and are the root cause for leaks down the road. The best thing is, these leaks are preventable and I will tell you how.

The purpose of gutters is to manage the water on the roof. It is very important to get the right size gutter. There are calculations to determine the proper gutter size and proper location. There are also systems that use gutters to save water for environmental water conservation. It is all about managing the proper flow of water so that you can get in and out of the house, without getting wet. Directing the water properly will also keep your vegetation from getting damaged. One of the most important functions of the gutter is to keep the water from running down the walls of your house. This keeps water from getting in the house through your windows or through wall stucco.

Once the proper size gutters are in the best locations for your house needs, they must to be cleaned out. When leaves and debris fill the gutters, the water doesn’t run off the roof the proper way and the water backs up. This can often go unnoticed and leads to an overhang leak, which will cause a lot of roof damage to fix, often damaging fascia board and other areas on the roof.

Did you know that when you have trees over your house, the leaves gather on the roof and cause damage? It is imperative to do regularly scheduled maintenance so your roof is in tip-top shape and ready for rainy season. If you look at these pictures, you can see how the leaves can cause the water to back up and stay on the roof longer than it should. These leaves alone will cause roof damage and must be cleaned off regularly.

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