The Best Roofing for South Florida’s Climate

The Best Roofing for South Florida’s Climate

Florida is known for its beaches, culture, and the heat! We’re talking about the hot, humid climate that reaches scorching temperatures every summer and constantly has us running for the sanctity of our air-conditioned homes. However, as much as we value our beloved AC, what truly protects us on a hot day is our roofs.
It is vital to have strong roofing materials for a specific climate because roofing materials determine how individual buildings to huge cities regulate their indoor cooling and heating. It is also essential to have a roof that can cater to our needs while having longevity. We will feature two of South Florida’s most popular and most effective types of roofing below.
Clay and Terra Cotta Tiles
This option for roofing has been used for centuries and has withstood the test of centuries of baking in the sun. Their light colors also don’t allow them to retain heat as darker tiles do. Hoe their shapes are designed also have a lot to do with their heat tolerance. Their “S” or half-barrel shape forms arches that interlock through the roof. This allows for water and air to circulate and maximize cooling. These tiles are also quite wind and hurricane resistant.

White Metal Roofing
This option reflects about 66% of the suns rays away from your home and hold heat for shorter periods of time. It is an overall cost saver, although it may be initially more expensive to install than traditional tiles. The funds you save from not having to maintain it because of its durability and the energy savings accumulated are enough to definitely consider white metal roofing as your roofing choice!

Everyone has different needs, lifestyles, and budgets. Finding and funding a new roof for a South Florida home is challenging enough. Unfortunately, having the knowledge on the right roof for your home is not common knowledge and many homeowners are duped into purchasing a product or service that is not of quality and must pay the price in headaches and costly repairs later on.
Let the trustworthy staff at Chase Roofing guide you into finding the type of roof that will fit your specific needs. Living in South Florida, most of our roofing needs have to do with storm safety and tile durability and the heat, which is something most of us are usually complaining about! Our roofers have the knowledge and the expertise pertaining to each different type and style of roofing. Let Chase be your ally!

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