The Costs Of Roof Repair – Roof Repairs Fort Lauderdale

28 Sep, 2015 | by Tamara Chase | Roof Repair

The Costs Of Roof Repair – Roof Repairs Fort Lauderdale

Being prepared is the best advice that a homeowner or condo association can entertain when it comes to preventing greater damage to home and condominium roofs during hurricane season. Weather damage to your roof can mean costly repairs if you are not prepared. Depending upon the size and type of your roof, and if it is a residential or condominium, you can be looking at roof repair costs in the range of $4,500 – $6,000 or more.
Seek Professional Advice from Roofing Contractors

There are several important steps that you can undertake in securing the best price and quality in having the roof repaired. Seeking the advice of professional roof contractors is crucial, and getting consultation from several is even better. Do not forget to contact your insurance agent to find out ahead of time what type of weather damage is covered, and what type of repair material will be paid for when you use a contractor. Since the most common roofing on homes in southern Florida is shingled roofs, and they usually present the greatest danger in terms of flying shingles and loosened tiles becoming deadly projectiles, know what liability you have for injuries.
Common South Florida Roofing Repairs

Before you even consider the notion of simply replacing the entire damaged roof, understand what the common roof repair problems in southern Florida, are, and why repair is probably better cash out of pocket option. Even though hurricane or high wind damage has torn countless shingles from your roof, inflicted damage on your metal flashings or chimney and skylight, it is repairable. Even if the roof is sagging or there is water leakage in the home or even cracks in the roof near the chimney, it can be more affordable to have those problems repaired by paying $20-$25 per box of shingles.
Check with Local Building Inspectors

As much of a cost calamity that roof repair can be, do not make it worse by not checking with the local building inspection department. Even if a roofing contractor tells you that you can put another set of shingles on top of the shingles, or that the area that has been repatched, can simply be repatched again, get a roof inspection first. If local ordinances in Fort Lauderdale limit how many times a roof can be repatched, you need to know it right now, and not after you have contracted for the roof to be repaired.

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