Tile Roof Repair Fort Lauderdale

10 Oct, 2018 | by Tamara Chase | Blog, Roof Repair

Tile Roof Repair Fort Lauderdale

We’re the Best Tile Roof Repair Contractor in Fort Lauderdale

When you hear the phrase – curb appeal, landscaping likely comes to mind. Now—think a little bigger – as in the big picture. Your property and its cover – the roof. Now we’re talking! You have great taste in roofs, and your tile roof looks amazing. But we understand it needs to be repaired. You’re in the right place. Chase Roofing & Contracting is the best tile roof repair contractor in Fort Lauderdale.

We Provide Quality Tile Roof Repair Service in Fort Lauderdale

Not surprising – tile roofs are popular in South Florida. They’re beautiful and sturdy. But like many things, every once in a while, they, too, need to be repaired. Some of the common causes for tile roof leaks include:

  • Faulty flashing
  • Broken, cracked or loose tiles
  • Clogged gutters
  • Damaged seals or caulking
  • Old age

The good news is – tile roofs are easy to repair and require limited maintenance, which is more typically restricted to the roof’s gutters, flashings and venting than the tile itself. What’s more, because concrete and clay tile do not deplete natural resources because they’re made from naturally occurring materials, they are prized as green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win!

Whether you need your roof repaired or replaced – for a residential or commercial property, we can help you. In addition to tile roofing, we also service and install shingle and metal roofing, and more. And what’s more, we also do emergency roof repair and are available 24/7.

Our pricing is competitive and financing options are available. And if you sign up on our website, we’ll give you $100 off any roofing project of $1000 or more. 

We’ve been roofing Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and the rest of South Florida since 2002. Let us help you with your roofing project.  When looking for the best tile roof repairs in Fort Lauderdale, call Chase Roofing & Contracting at (954) 680-8588. Make an appointment for a free, no obligation roof evaluation.