What Are The Most Common Roofing Problems In South Florida?

What Are The Most Common Roofing Problems In South Florida?

The locals in Florida know the weather can be very unpredictable. What Floridians might not know is that the weather can cause some roofing related problems. Florida’s climate isn’t the best for keeping your roof in good condition. Between the thunderstorms and hurricane season, roofs can take a brutal beating. There are also a variety of different types of roofing problems that can results from the humid climate. Summer may be one of Floridians favorite seasons, but it’s the worst season for your roof’s condition. Summer comes with flooding, extreme heat, and sometimes hail storms. The damage the summer may bring depends on the overall condition of your roof. You may end up with severe damage, such as structural destruction, or it may just be minor damage such as missing or broken roof shingles.

Typically when Floridians think about a hurricane causing damage to their home, they envision a hurricane blowing their roof off and flooding their entire home. Although this outcome is possible, there are other possibilities that can happen from constant wear. Most problems homeowners have with their roofs have been in progress for some time before the homeowner notices. Common problems that happen over time include:

• Puddles of Water –Large puddles of water should not form or hang around your roof if it is in good repair. This problem can occur after a hurricane or rainstorm. Seeing puddles on your roof may seem like a small issue but over time it can cause serious damage to your home.

• Wind Damage – Wind may sound harmless, but it can still cause damage to your home. Some types of damage include blow offs, billowing, and tenting. You’re able to notice this damage when you see part of your roof sticking out.

• Moisture and Leaks – The most common type of climate caused damage to a roof is leaking. This problem occurs over time. After each storm passes your roof becomes weaker. Leaks will enter your home as time goes by and the quality of your roof begins to decay from the constant water damage.

• A Lack of Maintenance – Since most problems occur overtime, it’s important to take proper care of your roof to maintain its condition. This will help maximize your roof life, and reduce expenses for repairs. Remember that the best way to deal with a big problem is to solve it before it happens.

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