What to Expect With Chase Roofing

What to Expect With Chase Roofing

There are countless roofing companies out there in the South Florida area; however, not a lot of them can provide the services our team at Chase Roofing can. What makes us so special? We have a team of experts who have years of experience and are ready to assist you with your roofing needs. At Chase Roofing, we offer roofing services in all types of areas such as roof repairs for residential and commercial properties, commercial and industrial roofing, and attic insulation. We also specialize in a variety of roofing types such as metal roofing, shingle roofing, tile roofing, and Ygrene roofing. Here at Chase Roofing we do not limit ourselves and do not limit our customers on their options. Whatever type of roof repairs or roofing you need in the Fort Lauderdale or Tampa area, we got you covered. Did we mention we have competitive pricing? With our competitive rates and quality services, we have earned ourselves the title of Best Home Improvement Company for more than 4 years now. For all your roofing needs we are more than happy to help!


Variety of Roofing Options

More often than not will you see a roofing company that specializes in one specific type of roofing style and material. At Chase Roofing we know that one style certainly does not fit all. We aim to give you options that not only fit the look of your house but your lifestyle as well. For those who are more environmentally conscious, we offer the ygrene roofing style. This style promotes a cleaner environment and renewable energy. We understand the importance of this option in our communities and the demand for more environmentally conscious building methods as well. We also offer more traditional materials such as tile roofing, metal roofing, and shingle roofing. Although traditional, these materials come in a variety of different colors to fit any style of the house. At Chase Roofing we see the value in creativity, thus, providing as many different colors and styles as possible.


Attic Insulation

 We do more than just roofing! For all of your attic insulation needs, we are here to help. We know that having an energy-efficient roof is not enough protection for your home, which is why we have specialists in attic insulation and ventilation. The attic is one of the least used rooms or areas in a home; however, keeping it properly ventilated is still critical. The key to a long-lasting roof and comfortable home insulation is the attic. The attic although seemingly insignificant is one of the biggest influencers on roof longevity and general home insulation. The reason for the big influencer on the roof all comes down to temperature and moisture. An improperly insulated attic leads to roof moisture, which can attract termites to the roof and home, a whole separate issue that stems just from this one little issue. Also, when your attic is properly ventilated you feel the difference throughout your entire home. Making lounging around the house on the weekends much more comfortable than ever before.


Roof Repairs

Whether you are a commercial or residential building we can and will do your roof repairs for you. Our specialists can handle roofing issues regardless of how severe; some of the issues we fix are roof coating, TPO sing ply systems, coal tar pitch, and leaking roofs, just to name a few. The roof is the backbone of your home or business, without it, everything inside the building is put at risk. Don’t let the Florida weather affect your roof and get the best of your home or business, reach out to Chase Roofing today for your free roof evaluation.


For all of your roofing, roof repair, and attic insulation needs we are the team for you! Chase Roofing understands the importance of variety in roofing and services. We make sure we offer every service that can impact the way your roofs hold up for the long term. With our team of experts and high-quality supplies, you are sure to see and feel the difference with our roofing services. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call! Contact us today at (954) 680-8588 for your free no-obligation roof evaluation.