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We’ve been performing roof repairs in this area since 2002. So we are excited to continue the task of Zephryhills Roofing for all types of roof repair. From metal roofing to shingle and more.

How To Perform A Roof Repair

Here is a Zephryhills Roofing repair we performed recently. 

One of the photos listed above has notes and arrows on it. This is what our technicians see when they receive a roof repair job from the estimators. They will mark up the photos to clearly communicate the location and scope of work. 

This was a situation where two roofs were coming together and separated by a short wall. The roof had started leaking a long time ago but was either missed or neglected so the roof leak was able to get so bad that the wood rotted out.

We inspected the trusses and they were in great condition. So we continued with installing the plywood. Following the plywood, we installed the underlayment. We used ice and watershield underlayment that adds extra protection compared to the normal underlayment. This was important because of how it is up against a wall that has caused problems. 

Next, we see rued the flashing along the wall, primed it, and installed roof cement. Lastly, the Owens Corning Supreme shingles. These three-tab shingles matched the existing shingles.