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Fort Lauderdale Roofing Services

Roofing services are highly specialized and are currently in high demand right now. When it comes to replacing or repairing your roof, you need to enlist the services of an expert and a business that has a great reputation and will assess what needs to be done and see the project to completion, all while ensuring customer satisfaction.

A home is often an individual’s most significant investment, and you need to protect this investment by performing maintenance and repairs on your roofing. This maintenance will also give you peace of mind because a well-kept roof will make your home safer and protect your family.

Fort Lauderdale roofing companies have to be familiar with the weather conditions in Southeast Florida, where you can have a barrage of rain, damaging storms, and blazing heat from the sun. All these conditions can deteriorate the quality of your roof and subject it to wear and tear.

Chase Roofing has nearly two decades of experience serving the Fort Lauderdale community and is committed to providing the best roofing services in Southeast Florida.

Residential Roofing

When it comes to residential roofing in Fort Lauderdale, Chase Roofing is extremely qualified to handle all your roofing needs. Our team of contractors knows the area well and has specialized expertise to help you with residential roofing – especially in Florida, where the weather conditions are different from other states. 

Chase Roofing is here for you from the first inspection to the last nail when it comes to roof maintenance and replacement. Roofing repairs are an investment in the safety and durability of your home. It will also increase your home’s resale value if you ever decide to sell.

Roof Repairs for Leaks and Damage

Leaks and roof damages might be considered minor, but as they always say, prevention is more cost-effective than needing a cure. If you know that there is a leak or minor damage to your roof, you should call a Fort Lauderdale roofing company right away so that they can assess the damage before it gets worse.


When it comes to assessing a roof leak, several factors affect how a company can repair the roof. The existing roof’s size and condition, as well as the frequency and history of leaks, affect the type of repair.

Even if it’s simply the roof that’s leaking, the whole house might be in danger. Damage to your home’s walls, ceilings, floors, and even the foundation may result from water seeping in via a leaking or damaged roof. Mold and mildew may wreak havoc on your health and your home’s value if the leak isn’t fixed quickly or at all.

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Roofing Installation and Replacement

complete roof replacement is needed if the roof is deemed unsafe and the quality has deteriorated so much that it is nearly impossible to repair it. Storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can bring about the need for a total replacement.  

A brand-new roof typically has a lifespan of 20 years. A complete replacement might be costly upfront, but it is a great investment, especially if it will keep you safe and give you peace of mind for the foreseeable future.  

Chase Roofing can also work with your public adjuster as they work with your insurance provider to submit a roofing claim if your home has been damaged by weather or other debris.

Storm & Hurricane Damage Roof Repairs (South Florida)

Waterproofing is another option for your roof in South Florida. The weather conditions in this area vary throughout the year because it is typically sunny all year round, but there is also a hurricane and storm season that occurs each year.  

Chase Roofing’s contractors are experienced in these types of repairs and preventative maintenance for hurricanes and other storm damages. Give us a call for a free roofing estimate if your home has been damaged by the weather! 

Local Fort Lauderdale Roofing

Free roof repair inspection on your home.

Commercial Roofing

When it comes to protecting your roof, residential homes are what usually come to mind. It is also vitally essential to upkeep your commercial roof because it will protect your business, which is your source of income and livelihood. In some cases where you might own a warehouse, your commercial roof will also protect your goods and inventory.

Roofing Solutions for Fort Lauderdale Businesses

Chase Roofing is experienced with many types of commercial roofing. The factors that differentiate residential from commercial roofing are the size of the roof and the type of roof that is installed. From TPO to metal and other types of flat roofs, Chase Roofing can provide the expertise needed to keep your Fort Lauderdale business secure from the elements.

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Flat Roofing & Metal Roofing

flat roof is a popular choice for most commercial buildings because it will enable you to use the square footage on the roof and have space for A/C units and other foot traffic. The only disadvantage when it comes to a flat roof is that the drainage can be challenging. Because of this, you have to utilize a reputable Fort Lauderdale roofing company to install the roof and help you map out the drainage situation as well.

Metal roofs are a popular choice of roofing, especially for Southern Florida residents and businesses. Metal roofing can guarantee a longer life span than shingles. The most significant advantage of a metal roof is that it has a greater ability to withstand weather conditions, including a powerful hurricane or storm.

Roofing Maintenance Programs

Regularly maintaining your roof and having inspections done regularly will help combat any issues your roofing might have. Inspections are preventative and will give a clear picture of the status of your roof. Customers usually call their roofing company before hurricane season to inspect and maintain their roofs before the weather changes.

Roof maintenance is vital because it will help with your roof’s longevity. Typically, roofing inspections should be scheduled at least yearly.

Free Roofing Inspection & Estimate

If you are unsure of where to start, you can contact Chase Roofing to schedule a free estimate. As most roofing companies should, we will come out and inspect your roof for free and provide you with an estimate before you enlist their services. This is a great way that you can consult the services of a roofing professional to give you a free assessment of your roof, giving you an idea of what needs to be done and what state your roof is in.

Why Choose Chase Roofing for Your Roof?

Chase Roofing has been around for nearly 20 years, and our group of roofing professionals is a trusted resource in the industry. Our company is reputable and is a well-known roofing company in Fort Lauderdale. We can do residential and commercial roofing in Fort Lauderdale, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Fort Lauderdale Roofing Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our process is seamless, and the way we communicate with customers and their insurance providers is top-notch. Our goal is to make a somewhat complicated process as simple as possible so that you don’t have to stress about the entire project. You can entrust Chase Roofing with any roofing job, and we will guarantee completion on time with constant communication throughout the whole process. See what our valued clients have to say about our services!

Trusted Roof Repair Process

Chase Roofing in Fort Lauderdale is a trusted roofing company that has been around for many years. All of our roofers are certified and industry experts. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are satisfied, and all their roofing needs are met.

Experienced South Florida Roofing Company

With our years of experience, it is hard to find somebody else who is considered more knowledgeable in the roofing industry. Our team of roofing contractors in Fort Lauderdale is very knowledgeable when it comes to the area and the different weather conditions that are prevalent in Southern Florida.

When it comes to your home or business, you should always enlist the services of a reputable company with years of experience. This way, you will feel confident with your choice and know that your investment will be protected.

Accreditations & BBB Rating

Accreditations are important, especially if you are dealing with Fort Lauderdale roofing contractors. If you use the services of Chase Roofing, you can rest assured knowing that we are industry accredited and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We uphold our reputation and constantly work on maintaining it with every customer and project that we undertake.

A Well-Maintained Roof Will Add Value to Your Home

A well-maintained roof will protect your home and business by being a barrier from natural elements like the harsh sun or strong hurricanes. Another advantage of having a well-maintained roof is that it will add value to your home. A newly installed roof will last 20 years and provide added value – especially if you plan to sell your home.

South Florida and Fort Lauderdale Roofing Contractors You Can Rely On

Chase Roofing is proud of the roofing experts and professionals that make up our team. All of our employees are familiar with the ins and outs of roofing and have been trained extensively in the field. Our employees also adhere to the highest safety standards to protect your home. We take pride in creating and maintaining a safe environment, not just for our employees but our customers as well.

We are confident in our craftsmanship and aim to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations with every roofing project that we do.


Top Rated Roofing Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Chase Roofing is located at 1150 SW 10th Ave #201, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, United States. From Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL / KFLL) head northwest toward Terminal Dr/Upper Terminal Dr and use the right 2 lanes to turn slightly right onto Terminal Dr/Upper Terminal Dr. Then keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-595 W/I-95 and merge onto I-595 W and merge onto I-595 W. Next, use the right 2 lanes to take exit 10A toward I-95 N/W Palm Beach and keep right, follow signs for Route 842. At this point, keep left, follow signs for I-95 N/W Palm Bch and merge onto I-95 N and take exit 33B toward West Cypress Creek Road. Next, merge onto NE 62nd St/E Cypress Creek Rd and turn right onto FL-811A/N Andrews Ave. Finally, turn right onto SW 13th Ct and then turn left onto SW 10th Ave where Chase Roofing will be on the right.

We are open from Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 16:00.

For additional questions, you can Call (954) 287-1304 or find us on Yelp

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