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Coconut Creek Roofing

Coconut Creek is right next to our office making it very convenient for fast Coconut Creek roofing response time. Since roof repair is our specialty we are excited to offer this service to the Coconut Creek area. 


How To Find And Repair A Roof Leak

Here is a Coconut Creek Roofing roofing repair we performed recently. 

This roof had a small puncture in the material but it was bad enough to require a very large roof repair. 

This Coconut Creek Roofing job started with an inspection from inside the residence and then on the roof. Unfortunately, there was no attic access for us to inspect the roof leak from under the roof deck. 

Once on top of the roof, we had to remove a tile to fully inspect and what we found was astounding. The tile looked relatively fine but the material underneath was damaged with a small puncture. 

It is so critical to do thorough inspections. If we would have just guessed at the cause of this leak, there is no way the client would have gotten a fair estimate. This is why we always inspect every detail to find the exact cause of the leak. 

This Coconut Creek Roofing job was extensive and required a roof repair that went down to the decking. We had to remove the tiles, the old roofing material and the damaged plywood. 

We inspected the rafters to make sure they were still in good condition to handle the new plywood. After which, we installed the new plywood, underlayment and tile roof. 


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