Waterproofing a balcony and a walkable roof is essential to protect the underlying structure from water damage and to ensure the longevity of the surface. Proper waterproofing can prevent leaks and structural issues over time.

When working with a professional roofing and waterproofing company like Chase Roofing, we can assess your specific needs, recommend the most suitable waterproofing solutions, and ensure that the work is carried out effectively.

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Balcony and Walkable Roof Waterproofing Services Near Me In South Florida

Balconies, plaza decks, and other walkable roofs are waterproofed differently than standard roofs.  Typical flat roofs are not very attractive and not designed to handle foot traffic or furniture. Walkable decks like balconies have a waterproofing system that is designed to keep the water out and allow for attractive flooring such as tile or marble. They also are built with specific drainage systems to prevent water from ponding on the surface. Replacing these “roofs" is a multistep process that includes removing the old system down to the deck. Grinding or scarifying the concrete to ensure proper adhesion for the new waterproofing. Multiple layers of urethane in combination with a reinforced fabric. And finally an attractive & durable top coat or floor tile. These waterproofing systems carry up to a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Surface Preparation

  • Start by cleaning the balcony or walkable roof surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, and existing coatings.
  • Inspect the surface for cracks, holes, or damaged areas. Repair any defects to ensure a smooth, even surface.

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Waterproof Membrane Application

Apply a waterproofing membrane to the entire surface. This membrane should create a seamless, watertight barrier. Liquid membranes are often applied using rollers or brushes, while waterproofing sheets may require proper installation techniques.

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Regular Maintenance & Professional Installation

Regularly inspect the waterproofed surface for any signs of damage or wear. Promptly address any issues to maintain the integrity of the waterproofing.It’s often advisable to hire a professional contractor with expertise in waterproofing for balconies and walkable roofs. They can ensure that the waterproofing is done correctly and complies with local building codes.

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