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Boca Raton is just north of our office making it very convenient for fast response time. Since roof repair is our specialty we are excited to offer this service to the Boca Raton area.


How To Find And Repair A Roof Leak

Here is a Boca Raton roofing chimney we performed a roof repair on recently. 


First, we inspected the roof leak from inside the home and took pictures. We would have inspected the attic but not all Boca Raton roofing has attic spaces to get into. So we proceed to the roof for the rest of the inspection. 


We noticed issues along the flashing where it meets the chimney. Some of the metal flashing was pulling away from the chimney and the roof. If we were to try to do a cheap repair of caulking the holes, it wouldn’t last past the first rain. Some of the damage was below the tile roof so it was impossible to reach without first removing it. 


The slopped tile roof came down and met a flat roof and right at the transition was a chimney. Every transition on a roof becomes a sensitive spot but having a chimney there just increases the need for special attention. 


We had to remove the tile roofing and flashing around the chimney. Clean the surface to prepare it for the new material. Next, we installed primer, new underlayment, and new granulated rolled roofing. 


The final step was to reinstall the tile, which was in great shape. Fun fact about tile roofs, the tile doesn’t waterproof the roof, it’s the material under the tile. The tile protects the underlayment from the sun. 


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