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Did you know that Miramar is Spanish for “view of the sea”? This is amusing because unless you are a Miramar roofing technician standing on a high rise, you can’t actually see the sea. 

How To Find And Repair A Roof Leak

Here is a roof repair we performed recently. 

This roof repair started off as a call about rotten fascia boards. Which makes sense because that is most of what could be seen from the ground. But once our Miramar roofing team arrived, we realized that the damage was more extensive.

The tile roof had actually been damaged from tree branches hitting the roof and damaging the waterproofing underlayment on the roof. 

Over time the water traveled down to the fascia board and rotted it out along with rotting out the truss and plywood. 

During this tile roof repair, we had to remove everything down to the trusses, repair the truss and install new plywood, peel and stick underlayment and Owens Corning cap sheet

Once we installed new tiles, repairing the Miramar roofing tiles that were damaged, we proceed with replacing the fascia board.