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Thonotosassa Roofing

We’ve been performing roof repairs in this area since 2002. So we are excited to continue the task of Thonotosassa Roofing for all types of roof repair. From metal roofing to shingle and more. 

How To Perform A Roof Repair

Here is a Thonotosassa roofing repair we performed recently. 

This home had what appeared to be a small hole on the bottom side of their roof, as you can see in the picture with the arrow. The ceiling had a few water stains in different places but this little hole led them to call us about the roof leak. 

Once we arrived and fully inspected the situation with the roof, we found there to be rotten wood on top of the roof. Needless to say, this turned into a bigger project. 

During this roof repair we had to remove everything down to the wood and replace the tongue and groove roof decking. 

We made sure to use the highest quality peel and stick underlayment and cap sheet, both of which are from Owens Corning. Fun fact, this is what actually waterproofs the roof, not the tile. 

But of course, the last step of this roof repair was to install the tiles.