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Below is a Lighthouse point roofing project. This was a large repair because of how much the leak traveled and the extensive damage it did. 

How To Find And Repair A Roof Leak

Here is a Lighthouse Point Roofing roofing repair we performed recently. 

Every leak in need of a roof repair requires an inspection of the attic space and this job is no exception. While some roof leaks don’t have attic spaces for us to get into, this one had plenty of space as you can see in the photos. Which we were grateful for. 

We made notice of the leaks on the drywall and once in the attic we noticed the water stains on the trusses which lead us straight to the leak on the roof. 

While in the attic, we were able to measure the distance from the walls and edges of the roof to the leak point in the roof. Which helped us locate it once on the roof.

Our roof inspector, who has over 20 years of experience, found the roof leak and took pictures to make the roof repair go as smoothly as possible. 

We then sent our team to this Lighthouse Point roofing project and they began to remove the tiles and roofing material down to the plywood to expose the rotten plywood from the leak. 

After replacing the sheet of plywood we then installed a new peel and stick base sheet underlayment. Followed by patching all the seams in that area with extra roof cement and fabric tape. 

Next, we installed the Owens Corning Cap sheet and secured it to the flashing along the wall. 

The last step was to re-install the tiles. This homeowner was very happy to finally be past the point of having a leaking roof.