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We’ve been performing roof repairs in this area since 2002. So we are excited to continue the task of Delray Beach Roofing for all types of roofing. From metal roofing to shingle and more.

A Recent Roof Leak Repair

Here is a roofing repair we performed recently. 

Whenever you install a valley on a roof with shingle, you need to make sure you don’t nail within six inches of the center of the valley. You also need to consider all the excess water that flows into the valley. 

With three-tab shingles, it is easy for water to get blocked by debris that is in the valley and back up under the shingles. So it is also important to make sure you clear any debris off your roof to help prevent a roof leak. 

During this repair, we replaced all the material down to the plywood. One sheet of plywood needed to be replaced. We installed the valley metal, ice and water shield, and Owens Corning Supreme shingles.