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As a top-rated local roofing contractor, Chase Roofing is well-known around Coral Gables, FL, for our commitment to workmanship, quality, and customer service. We’re proud to live and work as members of this community, and we’re dedicated to providing the best possible roofing services to its residents and businesses.

Coral Gables Roofing Services

Chase Roofing offers a wide range of roofing services, including maintenance, inspection, and repair for both residential and commercial properties. When you contact Chase Roofing, we’ll work with you from day one to develop the best possible plan to suit your roofing needs. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Residential Roofing in Coral Gables

At  Chase Roofing, our years of experience in residential roof repair and installation combined with the use of top-notch materials help us guarantee that we’ll be able to take care of your home’s roofing needs. From installing a brand new roof, replacing your existing one, or repairing what you’re already happy with, we’ve got you covered.

Shingle Roof Installation and Repairs

Repairing and installing shingled roofs takes the hand and eye of an expert. If you know or suspect you’ve got damaged asphalt shingles, our team will inspect your roof from chimney to gutters and catch anything that might be a problem. Torn or loose shingles can lead to more expensive repairs from leaks and water damage, so it’s essential to detect and repair them as soon as possible. If you’re interested in completely replacing your existing roof with shingles, or repairing the roof on your home, we can take care of that too.
A worker in a straw hat installs roofing shingles on a residential roof on a clear day, with palm trees visible in the background, highlighting the shingle repair Fort Lauderdale often requires.

Tile Roofing Maintenance and Installation

Tile roofing is ideal for hot, humid, and salty air, making it a perfect match for Southern Florida. These tiles are also known for lasting decades, often longer than most shingles if properly maintained! An investment like this is well worth the time and upfront installation cost – all you need are the pros who can install it. If you’re curious about the other benefits roof tile can offer, contact  Chase Roofing for more information and a free estimate. We’ve installed and maintained tile roofing across South Florida, always with the goal of ensuring these roofs are built for the long haul.

Metal Roofing Repair

At first glance, this section might make you do a double-take. After all, wouldn’t metal roofing just heat up and bake a home under the Florida sun? It turns out the opposite can be true – as long as metal roofing is installed correctly, it can help out with your home’s internal temperature. Another selling point of metal roofing is its durability. They are built tough and can stand up to storms, wind, and hail. To protect your home, we offer complete, top-of-the-line metal roofing repair services.

Local Coral Gables Roofing Contractor

Free roof repair inspection on your home.

Commercial Roofing in Coral Gables

As a local roofing company, we know how hard it can be to run a local business and worry about building maintenance. Let us do the work and take a load off your shoulders with our industry-leading commercial roofing services. We install and repair every kind of major roofing style commonly found on commercial properties, including flat roofing, single ply, and BUR styles.

Flat Roofing Services for Coral Gables Businesses

Flat roofing comes in various styles and materials, including asphalt-based systems, metal roofing, and single-ply designs. Each of these styles has its pros and cons, which is why we’ll work with your business to chart out your needs and goals so we can find the best roofing option for you. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete roofing overhaul, we have a flat roofing solution for you.
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Single Ply Roofing and BUR

Certain specialty styles of roofing, such as single-ply and BUR installations, require ample experience to install and repair. This roofing style has many benefits, including increased wind, water, penetration resistance, reflectivity, and long-term durability. Over the years, these styles have become increasingly common, often seen as a more cost-effective alternative for commercial buildings. Chase Roofing has extensive experience working with these styles of flat roofing, so contact us – we can work together to find the best fit for your business!

Roofing Maintenance Programs in Coral Gables

Most roofing experts recommend regular maintenance and inspection, sometimes as often as every six months. Therefore, we are proud to offer an industry-leading roofing maintenance program, perfect for the intense weather seasons that property owners in southern Florida are used to. This program takes away the worry and hassle of scheduling regular inspections so that you can check one more thing off your to-do list. The expert roofers at Chase Roofing will regularly inspect your roof throughout the year, pointing out potential problems and offering solutions to stop them in their tracks before they lead to more costly damages.

Waterproofing, Sealing, and Coating Your Roof

Water damage is a constant concern year-round, especially in southern Florida. When those summer rains hit, it’s critical that your roof is sealed, waterproofed, and coated to protect your home. We offer extensive waterproofing services designed to keep your home dry all year long.

Routine Roofing Maintenance

Something as small as one torn shingle can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage if it’s not addressed as soon as possible. Scheduling routine maintenance throughout the year can help save a ton of cash in the long run by catching problems before they cause disasters, which is why we offer a dedicated program that takes the hassle of roofing maintenance out of your hands.
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Why Hire Chase Roofing in Coral Gables?

When you’re in the market for a roofing contractor in Coral Gables, we know you have a lot of options. However, if you’re looking for professional roofing services from a highly rated roofing company, look no further. At Chase Roofing, we’re proud of the work and service we provide to the citizens of southern Florida, and we’ll take any chance we can get to prove it. We offer free estimates and financing options, so we’re sure to have a roofing solution that works for you.

Experienced with South Florida Roofing

Over the years, Chase Roofing has keyed in on how we can best offer our services to the people who need it most. We have nearly 20 years of experience building and maintaining roofs in southern Florida, so we’ve seen and done just about all of it when it comes to battling the region’s harsh climate!

Accredited by the BBB

At Chase Roofing, we go above and beyond to take care of our customers from start to finish, and it shows. We’ve received an A+ rating from the BBB, a fact that both makes us proud and pushes us to do our best, day in and day out.

Contact Chase Roofing Today for a Free Estimate

If you’re interested in any of the roofing services that we offer to Coral Gables and the surrounding area, get in touch with us for a free estimate! We’ll walk through your needs, put a quote together, and come up with a plan to get it done the right way. We make scheduling a snap, so when you’re thinking of your next roofing project, think Chase Roofing!


Highly Rated Commercial and Residential Roofing Service in Coral Gables, Florida

Chase Roofing is located at 1792 Bell Tower Ln, Weston, FL 33326. From Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL / KFLL) head northwest toward Terminal Dr/Upper Terminal Dr and then take a slight left. Then keep right to continue on Lower Terminal Dr/Terminal Dr and keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-595 W/I-95 and merge onto I-595 W. Next, continue on I-595 W to Weston and take exit 15 from I-75 S. At this point, continue onto Royal Palm Blvd and turn right onto Bonaventure Blvd. Finally, turn left onto Bell Tower Ln and turn left to stay on Bell Tower Ln and Chase Roofing will be on the left.

We are open from Monday to Friday: 07:00 – 16:00.

For additional questions, you can Call (954) 287-1304 or find us on Yelp

Contrary to popular belief, paying attention to the attic or ceiling of your home are not the only ways to determine something is off. Taking a look at the roof outside can reveal some things to you. First, you want to see if any of your shingles or tiles are missing or damaged. The water might not have entered your home yet, however, looking at the roof can save you from experiencing interior damage from a roof leak. When the shingles or tiles are missing or damaged, water begins pooling on the roof. It will only do this for so long before it turns into a leak. This is why reaching out to a roof repair company as soon as possible is vital.

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