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We’ve been performing roof repairs in this area since 2002. So we are excited to continue the task of Plantation Roofing for all types of roofing. From metal roofing to shingle and more.

How To Perform A Roof Repair

Here is a Plantation Roofing repair we performed recently. 

A roof valley is where two portions of the roof come together as seen in the photos above. At the bottom of these valleys is the portion of the roof that gets hit with the most amount of water because it is collecting water from two slopes. 

There is a lot of detail that goes into installing a valley the correct way. You need metal in the middle of the valley to make the transition smooth. Otherwise, someone could step in the valley and easily rip the shingles. 

Next would be the ice and water shield that you place in the valley to make sure that even if water does somehow get through the shingles, it will be protected by the ice and water shield. This underlayment is thicker than normal underlayment and it has a rubbery substance that wraps around the nails making a water-tight seal. 

When installing shingles in a valley there are different ways that are required by the manufacturer and building code. So knowing what is required for your area is important. Here in Plantation Florida, a closed-cut valley is approved and that is what we have here.

It’s a closed valley in the sense that the shingles lay all the way across the valley but it is “cut” in the sense that the shingles from one slope are cut.

The final step was to install the Owens Corning Supreme shingles and tie them into the existing shingles.