Land O Lakes Roofing

Land O Lakes Roofing Specialist

Since 2002, Chase Roofing has been repairing Land O Lakes roofing needs without fail. 

We are proud to have an office right next to Land O Lakes where we invite you to come and visit us. 40415 Chancey Road. Suite 103. Zephyrhills, FL 33542

Roof Repair Service in Land O Lakes

Roof Repair Service in Land O Lakes

While we are a full-service roofing company in Land O Lakes, we specialize in repairs. A few of the most common Land O Lakes roofing needs on a house are as follow:

  1. Flashing around pipes and other penetrations.
    1. Often these are the places that are overlooked or can easily cause a leak by even the slightest piece of flashing being out of place.
  2. Valleys, where two portions of roof come together.
    1. If not installed properly the first time, water can be backing up in the valley and require full repair of the underlayment and shingles or tiles.
  3. Loose, damaged or cracked material
    1. It's easy to damage roof material when walking on a roof especially if it is old. If you have someone clean your gutters, for example, it's good to either have a roofer do it or have a roofer inspect afterward. 

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