Professional Roofing Contractors in Land O Lakes, FL

As a top-rated roofing company dedicated to providing industry-leading services to the community of Land O’ Lakes, FL, and the surrounding areas, Chase Roofing is proud to offer comprehensive roofing services to local residents and business owners. Whether we’re repairing storm damage to get a family back on their feet or replacing a commercial roof to support the needs of a local business, we stand by our commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer service that goes above and beyond.  

Trusted Roofing Services in Land O Lakes

For nearly two decades, Chase Roofing has been providing top-quality roofing services that the community of Land O’ Lakes can trust. These services include roof repairs, replacements, and installations for both home and commercial properties. Our team of experienced roofers have been living and working in the Land O’ Lakes area for almost 20 years, so they know precisely what the roofs they work on need in order to last for many years! 

Residential Roofing Services in Land O Lakes Area

Homeowners across Southern Florida know our track record and trust us to keep their roofs in top shape, no matter the style or season. We offer repair, replacement, and installation services for all residential roofing styles, and we only use tried-and-true materials that are proven to hold their value and keep your roof in excellent condition for years to come.  

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Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is by far one of the most common roofing systems in the United States. Asphalt shingles are durable, cost-effective, and come in various colors, shapes, cuts, and forms, thus making them an excellent match for almost any roof. They can withstand heavy rains and severe storms, but only to a point – torn, damaged, or loose shingles can allow water to leak in, causing mold and rot to spread through the rest of your home. If you’re considering a shingled roof for your home or need to repair your existing one, call Chase Roofing today for a free quote! 

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is extremely common in areas with warm or rainy climates, so it’s no surprise that tiles are a popular roofing style found throughout South Florida. Tile is highly durable, and if properly installed, it can last for many years with proper maintenance. Roofing tile also helps keep cooling costs low, which is needed in this intense Florida sunlight. While they are more expensive up-front than shingles, tiles are more durable to the elements and provide a more enhanced curb appeal. At Chase we can easily repair or replace your tile roof if they ever develop leaks. Contact Chase to see if tile roofing is suitable for your home. 

Metal Roofing

In recent years, metal roofing has quickly grown in popularity across Florida and other states that get intense weather and lots of sunlight. Metal roofing is adaptable to your needs, making it one of the most versatile roofing styles a homeowner can invest in. Cool roof coatings allow metal roofing to reflect additional sunlight, lowering cooling costs. If that’s not enough, metal roofs also serve as an excellent base for solar panel installation. On their own, these roofs can stand up to harsh weather and years of UV exposure, often lasting quite a few years longer than asphalt shingles! To find out how we can make metal roofing work for you, contact Chase today. 

Commercial Roofing Services

As a business owner, one of the last things you should be worrying about is your building’s roof. Our award-winning commercial roofing services allow you to focus on what’s truly important while we worry about your building’s maintenance. To that end, we offer comprehensive roof repair, installation, and replacement options for commercial properties. We know how difficult it can be to handle the day-to-day of owning a business, so let us take a few things off of your to-do list! 

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Flat Roofing Solutions for Your Business

Flat roofing is a specialty style that is commonly found on commercial buildings. Built flat as opposed to sloped residential styles, flat roofing offers flexibility and customization to business owners, so you can get precisely what you need out of your roof. Whether that’s additional support for maintenance personnel and building utilities or increased insulation to keep air conditioning costs down, Chase has a flat roofing solution to fit your needs! 

Built-Up (BUR) and Single-Ply Roofing Experts

Chase Roofing is a recognized expert when it comes to installing and maintaining built-up (BUR) and Single-Ply roofing systems. These systems offer several advantages, including increased resistance to fire, water, and penetration from debris, durability, and increased energy efficiency. Built to last, an expert hand should install BUR and Single-Ply roofing to ensure they are ready to stand the test of time. Contact Chase Roofing today to discuss your commercial roofing needs! 

Roofing Maintenance Programs in Land O Lakes

Most roofing experts agree that your roof should be inspected at least once a year and recommend you have regular maintenance done to keep your roofing in good shape. Regular, routine maintenance is essential for prolonging the life of your roof and catching minor problems before they become disasters. Our industry-leading roofing maintenance program will take the hassle of scheduling those services out of your hands and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing a solid roof shelters your home. 

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Waterproofing, Sealing, and Roof Coatings

Something as small as a single roof leak can cause incredible damage to the rest of your home. Water leaks can lead to mold growth, rot, and other structural concerns that will only worsen the longer they are left unaddressed. We’ve designed our waterproofing and roof sealing services to prevent these leaks from developing in the first place. Contact Chase Roofing today to discuss your waterproofing, sealing, and roof coating options. 

Why Hire Chase Roofing in Land O Lakes, FL?

Chase Roofing is a local Land O’ Lakes roofing contractor with nearly 20 years of experience serving Southern Florida. We believe our dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality roof system possible speaks for itself. The communities we work in and the BBB have recognized our commitment to outstanding customer service. Our team of expertly trained and licensed local roofers come to work every day knowing they make a real difference in their communities. To give us a chance to demonstrate our values, we offer free estimates for all of our services. 

Two Decades of Roofing Experience in South Florida

Expertise and master craftsmanship doesn’t come easily or quickly, and we’ve earned every bit of our reputation over the last two decades of living and working in South Florida. In that time, we’ve come to know all of the ins and outs of local roofing, learning how best to serve the communities’ needs with services that address all of the common problems and issues with roofing in this part of Florida.


In the proposal phase of our re-roofing, Chase showed a strong interest in helping with our insurance discounts and carried that to the end of the job by seeing that we had all the necessary paperwork. The job started on the day they had promised and continued straight through every workday except for fairly significant rain delays which they handled nicely. We were satisfied with the communications, maintenance of the work site, and the quality of work. We are happy to rate Chase Roofing with five stars

David S.


First and foremost your employees were so polite!!! They showed me pictures of exactly what they were doing and explained every detail which I felt was very important. This is my 3rd time (for different leaks) using Chase and find they are very professional and knowledgeable and they really make the customer #1. Thanks again!!!!

Joyce M.

Contact Chase Roofing for a Free Estimate

Sometimes, the most challenging part of starting a new project is taking that first step. When you’re ready to get started, call Chase Roofing to see how we can help. We’ll come out to meet you, figure out your roofing needs, and create an estimate to meet them. Contact us today! 

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