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Three Most Needed Tampa Roofing Repairs

  1. Shingle Roofs

    1. Poor ventilation will cause excessive heat in your attic space, which will result in your shingle aging significantly faster. A roof with a 50-year shingle, which is common for the Tampa roofing industry, could degrade because of the heat and need replacing in year 15 as a result. 
    2. Building Code: The manufacturers along with building codes require a specific amount of airflow in your attic space. Air needs to enter the attic space from the eaves and exit out of the ridge area. The best products for this are ridge vents to be installed along the ridge and soffit vents along the eave. 
  2. Tile Roofs: 

    1. The valleys on your roof are one of the first parts to be compromised and in need of a roof repair. Because the underlayment that is under the valleys deteriorates at a faster pace. Since the valley takes on more water than any other portion of your roof, it is one of the first places that need a roof repair.
    2. Cracked tiles are another item that you will want to be inspected. Unfortunately, it is easy for someone to walk on your tile roof and not understand how to treat your roof with care. As a result, they damage tiles from walking or pressure washing because they haven’t been trained properly. You might not see the results right away because it will take time for the water to get through the underlayment and then into your home.
  1. Flat Roof:

    1. Having a regular maintenance inspection on your flat roof is so important. There are many things that need to be monitored on a flat roof that if neglected can cause more issues down the road. In the maintenance inspection, you will be able to check the flashing, seal any items that need regular sealant and keep an eye on the drains and make sure the water is draining off the roof. There are more items but these are a few of the top items.

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Important Roof Replacement Warranties

It is highly important that you get a warranty from your Tampa roofing company and a warranty on the product they install. Be sure to read the fine print of your shingle roof warranty, we highly recommended the Owens Corning Warranties. For example, the shingle itself might be warrantied for up to 50-years but the wind warranty is only fully covering your roof for 15-years. 

Best Tampa Roofing Shingle

When choosing the best shingle for your roof, you will want to consider a few things. We strongly suggest the Owens Corning Duration shingle because of how it has outperformed other brands with the three most important components of a shingle, the tar strip, nailing strip, and overlap of the shingle.

The tar strip is the first and main defense against the wind because it seals the singles to each other. The Owens Corning shingle comes with the widest and most consistent tar strip.

The nailing strip is a reinforced fabric that creates a 3rd layer of the shingle compared to the two layers, which is what all other shingles have.

Lastly, the Duration shingle has all three layers of the shingle overlay each other in a way that allows for the largest nailing section 

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