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If you live in Dania, I hope you enjoy airplanes. Dania roofing comes with a special need for attention, you wouldn’t want your roof to look bad for all the people flying over it, would you? 

Thankfully Dania is just around the corner from our roof repair office. Which makes for a convenient Dania roofing response time.

How To Find And Repair A Roof Leak

Here is a Dania Roofing roofing repair we performed recently. 

This roof was in desperate need of help. Unfortunately, the homeowner had hired someone to try and repair this but they were unable to successfully fix the problem. As a result, it just got worse and ended up rotting out the wood under the roof.

We had to remove this whole section of rolled roofing material, remove the plywood and repair the trusses. Making sure that the structure was still in good enough condition to hold of the roof repair that we were about to make. 

Roofing is no joke, it ends up being a very labor-intensive job. When performed in the heat of the summer it becomes a difficult task. 

Once we had the new plywood in place we installed the peel and stick underlayment and flashing around the perimeter of the roof repair. 

Here is a special note that everyone needs to remember, that whenever you are installing flashing metal that comes in contact with the rolled rubber roofing, you need to prime the metal. One of the most common reasons these flat roofs leak is because the metal flashing was not primed correctly. 

Once the primer was allowed to dry properly, we installed the cap sheet roofing product and finalized the details to all the corners and flashing. 


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