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Chase Roofing is Central Florida’s industry leader for all of your roofing needs. With over two decades of experience, our roofing experts know how to take care of your home or business. Whether you need a new roof installation or some simple maintenance, let Chase get the job done right! 

Quality Roofing Services in Zephyrhills, FL

Chase offers top-rated roofing services for homes, offices, and commercial buildings in the Zephyrhills area. Our roofing experts always work with quality, reliability, and safety in mind. If you’ve been thinking about replacing or repairing your roof, the contractors with Chase have you covered! Take a look at the services we offer to see which one matches your needs and call us today for your free estimate! 

Residential Roofing Services in Zephyrhills Area

Florida is notorious for its heat, humidity, and rainstorms. These weather events can take a toll on your roof’s appearance and functionality. Add salty air and the occasional hurricane, and you have a roofing disaster waiting to happen.

As a locally owned and operated roofing contractor, Chase has 20 years of experience with residential roofing in the Zephyrhills area. We provide full-service roofing installations, repairs, and maintenance for various roofing materials.

Shingle Roofing

If you’re looking for simplicity and affordability in your roof, then asphalt shingles may be the choice for you. They are lightweight, easy to replace or repair, and cost-effective to install. There are two primary types of singles: 3-tab and architectural. They differ in strength, cost, and appearance, with both types coming in various colors and styles.

The contractors with Chase Roofing have ample experience with installing, maintaining, and repairing shingled roofs in Central Florida – contact us today for a free roofing estimate!

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Tile Roofing

Tile roofs are highly sought after for their aesthetic appeal and incredible durability. Tough materials like terracotta or concrete are often used to construct them. Hot, sunny places like Zephyrhills and Central Florida are ideal for tile roofs. They are also more resistant to the deteriorating effects of ultraviolet (UV) light. 

Tiles made of concrete or clay may be found in a wide spectrum of natural colors, from tan to reddish orange. With a long lifespan compared to other roofing materials, a tile roof is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to replace their roof with longevity in mind.

Metal Roofing

With their sleek, modern look, metal roofs are becoming a choice roof option for newer homes. They are highly durable and can even withstand Florida’s severe weather! A bonus is that metal roofs are often made from recycled materials. That means you can replace your roof and reduce your environmental footprint!  

Metal roofs are relatively low-maintenance and can have a long lifespan with proper care. Contact Chase today to see if metal roofing is right for your home. 

Local Zephyrhills Roofing

Contact us today for a free estimate on your next roofing project!

Commercial Roofing Services

Your roof protects your business and assets from the elements. If it is starting to leak or needs to be replaced, call Chase Roofing today! Our experts will guide you through the replacement or repair process and help you find the roofing option that best fits your business’s needs. We offer a selection of commercial roofing options to choose from, including flat roofs and built-up (BUR) roofing.

Flat Roofing Solutions

Commercial and industrial buildings benefit greatly from the low-slope design of flat roofs. The skilled contractors at Chase have been working with Zephyrhills business owners to install flat roofing systems since 2002. Get your free commercial roofing quote by calling us today!

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Built-Up and Single-Ply Roofing Systems

The two most common types of flat roofs are single-ply and built-up (BUR) roofs. Single-ply roofs are common because they are inexpensive, simple to build, and come in three different materials. Their vivid color provides a number of benefits, including the reduction of energy costs brought about by the reflection of sunshine. They are fireproof and need little maintenance. If you operate a company and are looking for a simple, affordable roofing option, single-ply flat roofs are your best bet. 

Built-up roofing, often known as BUR, has been a popular choice for business properties for many years. BUR has been used to cover offices, schools, industrial buildings, and more. These roofs are made of tar and gravel. Known for their durability and flexible design, built-up roofing is perfect for Florida’s rainy climate because they are seamless and waterproof. Built-up roofs are quick to install and cost-effective, meaning you can have a brand-new roof in no time! Contact the professionals at Chase Roofing today for more information on flat roofing systems.

Roofing Maintenance Programs in Zephyrhills

Whether you just replaced your roof or have had it for a few decades, maintenance is key to the longevity of your roof. As your trusted Zephyrhills, Florida roofing company, we know just what your roof needs. Chase Roofing offers regular inspection services to check for damage throughout the year or after severe weather events. Let us protect your roof so it can protect you – call today to schedule your roofing maintenance program! 

Waterproofing, Sealing, and Coating for Roofs

Even if your roof is new, sealing and coating it can be a great way to maintain its quality for years to come. The older a roof is, the more likely it is to develop small tears. These tears can eventually become large enough to let water leak through.  

Chase Roofing understands how important it is to maintain your roof as soon as it is installed. We offer waterproofing, sealing, and coating services that add an extra layer of protection to your home. Our products can help prevent leaks from starting, deflect harsh UV rays, and even increase your home’s energy efficiency. Call us today for a free estimate! 

Why Hire Chase Roofing in Zephyrhills, FL?

Chase Roofing takes pride in being a top-rated roofing contractor in Central Florida, and we have the credentials to back it up! We carry an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, as well as hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp. 

Experience with Central Florida Roofing

Chase Roofing is a premier Zephyrhills, Florida, roofing company. We have several decades of local experience helping customers in Central Florida find the roof of their dreams. Chase has earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship and affordable prices. From minor repairs to major renovations, Chase Roofing is a company you can trust to get the job done right. 

Contact Us for a Free Roofing Estimate

Are you ready to invest in the future of your home or business? Contact us today to get a free roofing evaluation tailored just for you. 


Top Rated Residential & Commercial Roofing Service in Zephyrhills Roofing, Florida

Chase Roofing is located at 40415 Chancey Rd Suite 103, Zephyrhills, FL 33542, United States. From Tampa International Airport (TPA) head northeast on George J Bean Inbound Pkwy/George J Bean Pkwy toward Airport Recirculation Dr and use the right lane to take the ramp to I-275 N/Tampa. Then merge onto E State Rd 60 E and take the exit onto I-275 N toward I-4. Next, use the right lanes to take exit 45B for I-4 E toward Orlando and continue onto I-4 E. At this point, take exit 7 for US-92 E toward US-301 E/Riverview/Zephyrhills and keep left at the fork, follow signs for US-301 N/US-92 E/Zephyrhills and merge onto US-92 E/E Hillsborough Ave. Next, use the right lane to merge onto US-301 N via the ramp to Zephyrhills and keep right to continue on 7th St. Then turn right onto South Ave and then turn right onto 6th Ave/County Rd. Then turn right onto Chancey Rd and turn right. Finally turn left and then Chase Roofing will be on the right.
We are open from Monday to Friday: 07:00 – 16:00.
For additional questions, you can Call (813) 492-8439 or find us on Yelp

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