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We’ve been performing roof repairs in this area since 2002. So we are excited to continue the task of Sunrise Roofing for all types of roof repair. From metal roofing to shingle and more.

How To Perform A Roof Repair

Here is a Sunrise roofing repair we performed recently. 

Whenever a sloped roof meets a flat roof it makes for a sensitive roof area where leaking can happen, this roof is no exception. We ended up having three delicate parts of a roof system coming together all in one place, the stucco wall, the flat roof and the tile roof. 

Flashing along a wall like this will need to be inspected whenever considering a leak in the area like this. Tucking behind the wall and coming down onto the roof surface, this flashing needed to be reworked. We had to install new roof cement and tape to tie it all together. 

At the bottom of the tile roof we used the Owens Corning underlayment and cap sheet to reroof the transition. 

The last step was to install the original tile, which everything fit together perfectly and the homeowner was very pleased with the end result