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Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are one of the types of roofing materials that are made out of asphalt. There are many types of shingles made by a handful of manufacturers. All of the roof shingles are not available in every state. Some brands are more prominent in certain states depending on the location of that manufacturer. Manufacturers […]

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Roof ventilation

Roof Certification Advice

Have you received a letter from your homeowner’s insurance requiring a roof certification in order for renewal?  Below is all you need to know to proceed with getting your roof certified.  What is a Roof Certification Form? A roof certification form is a written report from a Florida-licensed professional on the condition of your roof. […]

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Choosing The Right Shingle Roofing Colors For Your South Florida Home

  Shingle roofing colors for Southern Florida presents a unique set of roofing challenges. Your choice of roofing must withstand the wet weather and winds of tropical storms, but it must also tolerate soaring temperatures on sunny days without becoming brittle or raising your cooling bills. Shingle roofing protects and beautifies your home while keeping […]

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