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Shingle roofing colors for Southern Florida presents a unique set of roofing challenges. Your choice of roofing must withstand the wet weather and winds of tropical storms, but it must also tolerate soaring temperatures on sunny days without becoming brittle or raising your cooling bills. Shingle roofing protects and beautifies your home while keeping costs low, especially if you choose the right colors.
You’ve undoubtedly noticed how hot an asphalt street becomes in full sun. It’s impossible to walk barefoot on dark asphalt, but a light-colored concrete walkway stays relatively cool. It’s simple science; light colors reflect the sun, while dark colors absorb that energy and release it in the form of heat.
The same principle applies to a shingle roof. Lighter hues reflect sunlight, keeping your home cooler in the summer. A cooler roof means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the interior of your home comfortable even during the hottest summer months. Black shingles may make sense in the far north, but in the Sunshine State, lighter roofing is the smarter choice.

Shingle Roofing

A shingle roof used to leave you with relatively few choices, but the extensive palette available today gives you a range of options. Pastel pinks, blues and greens create a lively contrast with neutral white or gray and pay homage to South Florida’s love of color. You might prefer to keep your shingle roofing neutral instead, saving vivid color for your stucco or siding. Because you probably won’t replace your shingle roofing before you repaint, neutral hues will give you more versatility.
If you’re going with neutrals, select hues that blend well with your favorite colors. Do sunny yellows, tangy oranges and rich reds make you happy? Pick complementary warm hues such as warm French gray or tan for your shingle roofing. Keep things cool by pairing blues and purples with shingle roofing in pale gray. Sandstone and taupe hues are true neutrals that incorporate flecks of warm and cool colors in their grit, making them a good choice with any shade of paint.

When choosing colorful shingle roofing, follow the same formula. The warmth of a Mediterranean terra cotta hue on your roof goes well with cream-colored stucco, while pure white goes beautifully with a cool mint green or periwinkle roof.
Face South Florida’s heat with shingle roofing that does more than protect your home. Lighten up your roof and you’ll lighten your energy bills too.
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