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In order for a maintenance program to work, it’s important to partner with a roofing company you can trust and build a lasting relationship. Most people don’t think about a roofing system mainly due to its location. If you passed it each day, we would easily recognize its wear and tear, a shift in material or damage done by natural conditions such as wind, rain or snow. Chase Roofing has seen the results from lack of attention.

• Plugged drains
• Standing water
• Broken seams or cracks
• Excessive debris or plant growth
• Water marks on the interior ceiling
• Damaged items due to water leaks

The result of these issues not only cost you money from the obvious, but from the not so obvious too. Energy. With every crack or drip the result is wet roofing and insulation which provides energy with a place to escape. A maintained roofing system can keep the lid on your energy costs and keep the heat and cooling systems where they belong, inside.
Maintaining your roof could be scheduled based on the type of roof you have as well. Some people have asphalt roof designed to last for many years while others have roofs made out of clay, tile, metal and slate type. Those roofs last longer but need a lot of work. Check out for any sign of discoloration like black or streaks on the roof. A streak is an indication of fungus, mold and algae presence. Check for signs of damage in the roof. Torn or missing shingle is more prone to water damage and this should be repaired right away or the damage may totally weaken the tiles or shingles. Tiles may be easily lifted, torn or blown off by gusts of wind. Cut any trees growing too close to the roof. This could cause problems if they continue to grow towards your roof. Some kinds of roofs need more maintenance such as green roofs. They must be maintained and require regular check up to make sure they are in good working condition. Check out for water leakage, which can damage not only your attic but also the interior walls. Water also weakens the home structure if left unfixed for quite some time. Debris on parts of the roof can create problems such as mold or bugs. These can damage the roof and will eventually worsen into main leaks. Maintaining your roof may need the help of the experts so there will be a thorough check up on the roof that you might have not noticed when you made your own inspection. Animals could also loads of damage to the roof. Animals normally find a small roof opening and make it wider. Windstorms often cause damage to the roof by blowing off the shingles. A roof without shingles is more vulnerable to algae and moisture, which cause heavy damage. When installing shingles, make sure that you got an additional heap of them for future use.

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