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With hurricane season in full swing until the end of November, making sure your home is prepared and in optimal condition to resist hurricane force winds and rains is important. While many South Florida homeowners invest in metal shutters for windows and glass doors, or at the very least use plywood to board up their homes in the event of an approaching storm, there’s no quick fix for weakened and vulnerable roofs.

Old roofs or those with pre-existing damage can fail at the worst moment possible, causing severe water or storm damage that is not covered by traditional home owner’s insurance. Even if you do have hurricane and flood insurance, your insurer may attempt to fight your claim by arguing neglect on your part. The best way to avoid having to fight with your insurance company is to prevent damage from happening in the first place. Prep your roof for hurricane season now with Chase roofing!

Inspection Before Hurricane Season

You may think your roof seems fine, but a professional roofing company in Plantation can do a thorough inspection to ensure it’s able to withstand any potential storms this hurricane season. With Chase roofing, a certified and experienced contractor will inspect your roof for leaks, cracks, broken or loose shingles, and other signs of damage that need to be repaired before a storm threatens. A roof inspection by a roofing company can uncover dangerous signs of wear or decay caused by mold or termite damage.

Addressing Roofing Threats In Plantation

Once you’ve positively identified any weak points that can lead to water or hurricane damage, addressing them quickly and properly is key to protecting your home. Unlike windows or doors that can be temporarily patched and addressed after a hurricane season, your roof needs to be in the best possible condition it can be to withhold storm force winds and rains.
Be sure to hire a contractor experienced in roof repair in Plantation; attempting to do the repairs yourself is both dangerous and may lead to further damage down the line.
Winds and rains aren’t the only threats to you roof. Overgrown tree branches may snap or loose lawn furniture and other untethered debris can easily become airborne in hurricane force winds. Don’t wait until a hurricane warning is given to address these concerns—tree trimming services may not be available. Instead, prep your home and yard now so you have less to worry about later.

Chase Roofing only employs the best roof contractors in South Florida. Our team will complete your repairs in a timely manner at your convenience. We also have financing options available so you can protect your home no matter your financial situation. Contact us today to learn about our PACE funding program!

Have an Emergency Roofing Repair Plan?

Even if your roof is currently in good condition, no one can predict what will happen hurricane season. In the chaos and disarray following a storm, trying to find roof repair services that can get to your home quickly may be impossible.

Plan ahead! After your roof is inspected by Chase Roofing, you can discuss contingency plans with our contractors in case you need emergency roof repair in Plantation. Because our team will already be familiar with your home and roof, repairs can begin much more quickly and efficiently.

There’s also a bright side: if you do need emergency roof repair in Plantation, Chase Roofing can help you save money later down the road. By using energy efficient materials including proper attic insulation, we can help you cut costs and protect your home.

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