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What is a Roof Certification Form?

A roof certification form is a written report from a Florida-licensed professional on the condition of your roof. In this condition certification form, the licensed professional will inspect the condition of the roof and give you a report on their findings, along with photos, that you are then able to give to your insurance company.

In order for you to renew your homeowner’s insurance here in Florida, you will need to have your roof inspected. The insurance company will send you a letter requesting that your roof be inspected by a qualified roofing contractor.

Where Do I Get A Roof Condition Certification?

In order for someone to provide you with a roof certification, they must be a Florida-licensed professional. Below is a list of individuals who fall under that category. But keep in mind, there is an advantage to having a roofing company do the inspection because they are able to address any repairs necessary, right away, before providing you with the certification.

The approved licensed inspectors are:

  • General, residential, building or roofing contractor.
  • Building code inspector.
  • Registered architect.
  • Professional engineer.
  • Building code official who is authorised by the state of florida to verify building code compliance.
  • Florida licensed home inspector.

Choosing to have a roofing contractor inspect your roof is the recommended method since we are able to repair your roof if needed. 

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Roof Certification Checklist

Here is what we inspect while looking at your roof: 

  • The age of your roofing material.
  • Any curling, lifted, loose, or missing shingles or tiles.
  • The condition of the flashing and vulnerable details of the roof.
  • We rate the overall condition of the roof. 
  • Estimate the remaining useful life of the roofing material.
  • Date of last update to the roof. Whether it was repaired or replaced.
  • Saging or uneven roof decking. 
  • Visible signs of leaking. 

All of these details are documented on paper, along with photos. Our company then provides you with a copy of all the information, which you are then able to give to your insurance company. 

Pass or Failed Roof Condition Certification

This process of a roof certification is actually not a pass or fail scenario. It is simply a professional report of the condition of your roof. The insurance company will then be in touch with you regarding what comes next. That being said, if the damage is found on your roof, we are able to perform the necessary repairs or replacement so that your roof condition certification form can be filled out with flying colors. Sometimes all you need is for a few maintenance items to be addressed. Because we are a full-service roofing company, we are able to address the needed repairs before giving you the certification.

Visual Inspections.

While the most accurate inspection will be one where we walk on the roof, don’t be surprised if a roofer tells you that your tile roof is too old to walk on. When a tile roof reaches 20-years old, the tile becomes so brittle that it can easily crack and break under the weight of someone walking on the roof. This also means there will be a good chance that you will need your roof replaced. Click here to learn more about the right time o replace your roof.

How To Be Ready For The Condition Inspection

We will need to know the age of your roof and if there have been any repairs or work done to the roof. So any documentation you have on your roof will be helpful. Often the paperwork that you have from purchasing the home will have details on the roof. This will be helpful when we meet with you for the inspection.

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