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Individuals who have experienced a catastrophic roofing failure have learned that making sure the roof is under good maintenance is perhaps the most important building component. Your home’s roof system keeps your tenants dry and prevents the growth of mold and other organisms. Some individuals give little thought to maintaining their roof up to date and instead wait until the roof starts to leak, which will postpone the roofing services to whenever a problem arises. With unexpected Florida weather, we have to be diligent about our roof maintenance and avoid the out of sight, out of mind mentality. Scheduling regular roof maintenance will avoid spending thousands of dollars, but it will also result in an overall happy environment.

If you see physical damage on the exterior of your roof or signs of damage on your ceiling, you are one of the majority members of the population who has roofing problems. Unless there was inclement weather in your area, there should be no reason that a recently renovated roof (depending on the material used) should be failing. The failure of a roof is usually due to its design, selection of materials, or workmanship issues.
When you suspect that the integrity of your roof may be threatened, schedule a CPM Real Estate Inspection (CPMREI). This way, a trained, unbiased, professional can administer comprehensive roofing inspections as well as leading to instruction for corrective action.
Many structures have flat roofs. This design is a fatal design flaw because there is no drainage and water can collect in pools along the roof leading to hundreds of thousands of pounds of unstable weight on the roof. Not only can a roof collapse, damaging the property, but it is also a critical concern for the safety of those inhabiting the building.
You might have also chosen (or your contractor may have suggested) the wrong roofing type for the area in which you live in. For example, you chose for shingles to be installed on your roof when you live in an area in which ceramic tiles are recommended. Then, a storm comes, causing extreme damage to your roof that would have otherwise been lessened or avoided had you used different roofing material.
If you hired a contractor that may have cut corners and costs, this could haunt you during your roof’s lifespan. Many people use contractors recommended by friends or family. Although this strategy may be convenient, you may not be sure of the credibility, experience, and compliance with the many laws involved with construction that this person or company encompasses. This is why it’s crucial to hire a reputable, honest, and dependable company for all your roofing needs.
Leaks can be a sign of something much more serious. They usually begin slowly and ultimately identify themselves as a stain on the ceiling or underside of the roof. Ignoring this tell-tale sign of a leak can lead to further extensive roof damage, such as mold, rotting, and/or costly replacement of materials. It is important to find and assess these leaks before they cause damage to the building materials in the inhabited places below.
One of the easiest ways you can keep your roof strong is to clean your gutters. Many people don’t realize that the gutters and roof are part of an interconnected system which helps keep your home free from water leaks. The slope of your roof is designed to push water into your gutters, and your gutters are designed to take this water away from your home’s roof. If you keep your gutters filled with debris, you’re preventing water from draining appropriately. This can cause your roof to become saturated which can cause leaks and structural damage. Clean gutters can make all the difference in a dry, strong roof.
Routine inspections of your roof are also vital in keeping your roofing strong. It’s recommended to trust a roofing company in Tampa with these inspections, as there are often damages which can be hard to spot. Our experts at Chase Roofing can come to your home and inspect your roof for potential leaks and damages following severe weather. It’s important to catch any damages quickly because these problems can only get worse with time. An expert roofer from our team at Chase Roofing can understand which problems to look for such as infrastructure damages or cracked tiles.
At Chase Roofing, our dedicated professional staff makes it our business every single day to provide comprehensive solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Don’t hold back. We offer a free no-obligation roof evaluation. Let us help you create a happy and safe environment for you and your family.

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