What Causes Roof Leaks?

Water is more powerful than you may think, after all constant water is what carved out the Grand Canyon. At Chase Roofing, we know that roofing leaks can happen to the strongest roofs in Tampa. Fixing roof leaks in Tampa is not as simple as replacing a broken roofing tile or patching a hole. First, you must find the source of the leak if you’re going to remedy the problem. Hiring a roofing contractor in Tampa, such as one from our team at Chase Roofing, can help ensure that your roofing leak is properly repaired. Perhaps you’re wondering what causes roof leaks in Tampa. While every roof is different, there are some common causes of roof leaks, including:

Broken or missing tiles. Tile roofing is trusted for its strength, but over time tiles can crack or break away due to storms, debris and general ageing. When your roofing tiles or shingles lose their strength or fall away completely, this can cause leaks due to exposure of lower roof layers. Our roofers can repair these missing pieces so that your roof is better protected from leaks.

Holes in flat roofs. Flat roofing is trusted for commercial buildings and businesses, but over time these roofs can develop issues. Flat roofing can develop holes from people improperly walking on the roofing, or from weathering. A roofing contractor in Tampa from our team at Chase Roofing can get your flat roof back into tip-top shape, repaving the roof as necessary and patching holes.

Improper drainage solutions. Your roof uses hills, valleys and gutters to guide water off of its surfaces. When there are issues with these systems, such as clogged gutters or improper design elements, your roof can’t repel water buildup. We can detect the source of these roof leaks in Tampa, fixing the problem to help keep your roof strong.

These are just a few of the surface causes that could be creating your roofing leaks in Tampa. There are many other issues and problems that can result in a leaking roof. If you’re noticing water spots in your attic, on your ceiling or on your roof itself, it’s time to give our team at Chase Roofing a call. We can determine the cause of your roof leaks in Tampa, then repair the problems to keep leaks from causing further damage to your roof. If you suspect that there’s a leak in your commercial or residential roofing, you can call our experts at (954) 680-8588 to schedule your appointment.