4 Reasons You May Need Residential Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

4 Reasons You May Need Residential Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

A part of owning a home is maintaining structures of the property. Just like your car needs routine repairs, the roof over your home can encounter problems which cause it to break down. Working with a quality roofer in Fort Lauderdale is the easiest way to ensure your roof is repaired quickly and properly. At Chase Roofing, we work to be Fort Lauderdale’s trusted roofer, our team has years of experience and accolades that enforce our reputation as the best roofers around. We have seen it all when it comes to roofs, and we know the most common reasons homeowners need residential roof repair in Fort Lauderdale.

Here are the most common reason roofs wind up needing repair:

1. Missing tiles and shingles.

Most residential roofs are comprised of tiles or shingles. Roof tiles are often made of clay or concrete, while shingles are typically made of asphalt. Tiles or shingles are laid on top of the roof in specific patterns to ensure strength, but these pieces can fall victim to high winds or rains. Replacing these tiles and shingles is a very common repair.

2. Blisters In The Shingles.

Blisters are another incredibly common reason people seek residential roof repair in Fort Lauderdale. Shingle roofs can experience blisters, little pockets of vapor or liquid beneath the shingles. Blisters form when a gas, usually water vapor, becomes trapped between the shingles and insulation, creating the blister shape. Sometimes, blisters can be caused by improper roof installation. If the installer failed to apply adhesive properly, blisters may occur. Our team can repair or replace blistered shingles.

3. Membrane Punctures.

Roofs constructed of shingles and tiles alike can experience issues from people walking on the surface. Careless roof visitors such as unprofessional HVAC technicians, window washers or house painters can step heavily on the roof without concern. Improper steps can puncture shingles and crack tiles. If debris following a hurricane or storm are not removed from the roof, they can cause punctures as well.

4. Shingle abuse and neglect.

Your roof is a large surface which will often have debris littered about it. Smaller items, when stepped upon, can cause punctures or fractures. Larger items can bring larger issues, even working their way into the roof membrane as the months get warmer. The key is to notice these pieces of debris before they become a serious problem.
Homeowners are encouraged to regularly inspect their roofs for signs of stress or damage, catching a roof problem is key in successful repair. Roof damages can quickly balloon into more pressing matters, a small hole can become a major leak. Giving our team at Chase Roofing a call can help keep your roof as healthy as possible. Our technician will be at your home quickly, assessing your roof’s health and potential problems. We can diagnose and repair almost any roof problem! Give us a call today so we can Chase your roof problems away!

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