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There are many things we can ignore that won’t affect our everyday lives and even if your roof leak isn’t affecting your household it shouldn’t be left ignored. While it may seem pointless to work on something in your home that isn’t doing you or your family any harm, that doesn’t mean it won’t do any harm in the future. Our team at Chase Roofing are here to share with you a couple of consequences if you continue to ignore roof leaks in Boca Raton!

Your attic and ceiling will get damaged

You may have placed a bucket under your roof leak and called it a day but if left ignored you will be damaging your attic and ceiling. When water continuously leaks from your roof, your ceiling paint will darken and the plaster on your ceiling will bubble up. This will cause your ceiling to become weaker and in the long run will cost a whole lot more to fix versus fixing the roof leak.

When there is excessive moisture, mold will grow

Ignoring your roof leak will result in excessive moisture and mold to begin to grow. Mold and mildew will not only affect the roof leak area but it will also affect other areas of your home’s structure. It can even affect your HVAC system where it can make it easier to spread the mold to your carpets and furniture.

With mold, health concerns will arise

Mold can be created very quickly and just as quickly as it’s created it can be spread and can affect your health. If you are experiencing headaches, sneezing, and other allergic reactions then it’s more than time to get your roof leak fixed and to check for mold growth. These small symptoms can turn into more serious health problems.

Your utility bill will increase drastically

You may be thinking, what does a roof leak have to do with your utility bill? Surprisingly, it has a lot to do with your utility bill. As your roof continues to leak, it will damage your insulation to the point that it will no longer protect your home from temperatures. When your insulation is affected this means that you will lose a serious amount of hot or cool air which will make your energy bill to spike.

Call our team of Roofers!

Before your roof leak causes you to have to empty out your bank account with more repairs than necessary, you should call our team of professionals! Our team at Chase Roofing always provide the best quality of roof repair and we will make sure that your roof is in good condition. Call us today and sleep better tonight knowing that there is nothing wrong with your roof!

In the proposal phase of our re-roofing, Chase showed a strong interest in helping with our insurance discounts and carried that to the end of the job by seeing that we had all the necessary paperwork. The job started on the day they had promised and continued straight through every workday except for fairly significant rain delays which they handled nicely. We were satisfied with the communications, maintenance of the work site, and the quality of work. We are happy to rate Chase Roofing with five stars

David S.

First and foremost your employees were so polite!!! They showed me pictures of exactly what they were doing and explained every detail which I felt was very important. This is my 3rd time (for different leaks) using Chase and find they are very professional and knowledgeable and they really make the customer #1. Thanks again!!!!

Joyce M.

We had Chase Roofing do our new tile roof and they did an amazing job. They are very professional, quick, and very courteous. Johna helped us choose the right roof in our budget. Kailly updated us along the whole process from start to finish. Nick / Jorge and the guys did a great job. We are very happy that we went with Chase.

Karim El Sheikh

Thank you for the letter. Everything with your company has been wonderful so far. Looking forward to seeing the finished product, as I’m sure it will be stellar.


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Yet another satisfied customer in Davie! Thanks for the testimonial!

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