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Chase Roofing provides so much more than just satisfying your roofing needs. In serving the community through exemplary craftsmanship, customer service, and philanthropic aid, it’s no wonder so many awards have been bestowed on this distinguished roofing and contracting company. The many testimonials given by the numerous amount of pleased customers should be enough to convince anyone of this company’s exceptional service. However, Chase takes it even further by winning various “Best of” awards throughout the years.
Chase Roofing has had the honor of having been named Best Roofer in 2007 and Best Home Improvement from 2008-2012 by the Davie and Cooper City Gazette. This should serve to even further justify the professional and quality work that this company provides. Published by the Sun-Sentinel and the Forum Publishing Group, the Davie and Cooper City Gazette contains “hometown stories about hometown people”.
The “Best of Davie and Cooper City” magazine is published annually and inserted into the Davie and Cooper City Gazette in December of every year. There are a total of 60 categories included in this review that are voted on by the readers of the gazette. Therefore, you are assured to have an unbiased opinion in regards to what truly is the “best” of Davie and Cooper City.
The Sun-Sentinel is a Pulitzer-winning, nationally renown publication that provides local and national news for all of Broward County and Ft. Lauderdale. It is also the largest-circulation newspaper in all of South Florida. Because of its emphasis on local news, its Community News and Local sections appeal to South Floridians, as they are reading news directly associated with their lives.
The Forum Publishing Group publishes 32 newspapers that are distributed from Miami-Dade to northern Palm Beach County and is one of the largest community newspaper chains in the nation. Their outstanding and award-winning coverage is circulated online, quarterly, monthly, and weekly and their various publications are catered to different age groups, from teens and children to parents, adults, and senior citizens. Forum’s editors, reporters, and photographers have won over 80 national and regional awards on their professional and outstanding work. These credible news sources that have bestowed these honors upon the Chase company give validity to the quality work that Chase Roofing provides
Chase Roofing look forward to working with you and presenting its award-winning service to your home! Get a Free Estimate for your roofing needs today at: (954) 287-0256

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