Commercial Roof Repair You Can Trust!

Commercial Roof Repair You Can Trust!

There are two places many individuals spend most of their time – their homes and their businesses. Often times, people forget that their offices are part of what makes their homes possible, and when something goes wrong within the office, it threatens paychecks, employees, and property. In Florida, our humidly harsh and intense climate can bring many issues, one of those being our roofs. In businesses, roof leaks can happen immediately or over time, and when a roof leak strikes, it can cause havoc in your workspace. It’s very important to be sure that leaks get fixed quickly, and that any prior water damage is also cleaned up efficiently.

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One of the main reasons we are South Florida’s number one stop for commercial roof repairs is that we offer a 24-hour emergency service. We know that leaks have a mind of their own, and therefore don’t wait for convenient times to occur. Day or night, we can help you with your roof leaks, making sure that they are properly sealed. We also offer many different types of roofing systems such as Metal Roofing, Built Up Roofing, TPO Sing Ply System, Coal Tar Pitch, Industrial Roof Coating, and Modified Bitumen Systems. Many roofing contractors say that they handle these roofing systems, but never seem to do the job well. With over 15 years of experience, our qualified team will make sure that each type is done accurately and efficiently.

We also work with the best of the best materials and equipment to assist our professionals in providing a quality service. A few of these include Firestone, Metro, Versico, Polyglass, Gaco Western, Viking, and Durolast. Many contractors go the cheap route, up charging their services and spending less on their materials. At Chase Roofing, we understand the value in amazing products. Customers want their roof repair to stay repaired, not a reoccurring event.

We understand that roofs may need maintenance to keep from withering and tearing, especially in Florida’s harsh environment. Luckily, Chase Roofing offers this service, leaving you to worry about your business, and leaving us to make sure your workplace stays safe, secure, and dry. If you suspect your roof may be on the verge of a leak, or your roof hasn’t had a check-up in a while, we offer inspections to assess the overall condition of your roof. With professionals knowing what they’re looking for, and an opinion you can trust, we’ll let you know if you’re roof is in need of a repair.

At Chase Roofing, we know how important our workplaces are to us, especially as a business owner. Our businesses help us support our families, and the families of others, which is why it’s important that each and every crevice of your roof is up to it’s optimal potential. If you’re in need of a commercial roof repair in Fort Lauderdale, call us today for an inspection.