Common Commercial Roof Systems We Repair

Common Commercial Roof Systems We Repair

Unfortunately, roofs do not last forever and eventually need some maintaining; however, with the right company doing your roofing you can expect to see your roof’s longevity increase. At Chase Roofing we do roofing the correct way to minimize the likelihood of future repairs. Although repairs are unavoidable, we specialize in all kinds of repairs so you can stick with the company you trust for all your roofing needs. While we do commercial and resident repairs, we think that there is a lack of information out there about what kinds of issues commercial roofs can face and how exactly we repair those issues. Some of the common roofing systems we repair when it comes to commercial roofs are coal tar pitch, TPO sing ply systems, built-up roofing, industrial roof coating, and modified bitumen systems. We know that these systems are a mouthful, which is why we are going to break each one down for you in this blog post. Keep reading to see if any of these systems apply to your business’s roofing.


Coal Tar Pitch


This type of roof system is identified by its dark gravel look and is among the more common ones we see with commercial buildings. These kinds of roofs are petroleum products and are quite similar to built-up roof systems, otherwise known as BUR. The reason that this system is so popular is due to it having a long life span, it’s UV resistance; generally low maintenance, resistant to most harsh chemicals, and ponding water abilities. This system is also resistant to many of the problems Florida insects are known to cause. These qualities alone are what make this specific system ideal for businesses that want little to no long-term problems with roofing. Although these roofs hold up fairly well and for a lengthy time, they still do eventually have issues. Regardless of the issues are 40 years out, Chase Roofing will still be here to help.


TPO Sing Ply


One of the common characteristics associated with this kind of roofing system is its bright white color. This option is another popular with businesses due to the amount of money it can save businesses on energy. This kind of roofing is made from sheets of rubber that have been made to work well with insulation. This protects your roof from various threats. While this kind of roof has many monetary benefits, it does come with some eventual repairs due to quick aging and lack of heat resistance. This is important to note for all buildings in Florida who have this kind of roofing system. With Florida heat being as extreme as it is in summer months, you may want to consider how this could take a toll on your roof.


Built-Up Roofing (BUR)


This type of system is seen the most on roofs that have a downward slope. It is made up of asphalt, various reinforcing fabrics, and gravel. This roofing type is known to provide great protection against UV light and water, while still being generally low to maintain. Nonetheless, there are some cons to BUR roofing such as being susceptible to wind damage and being expensive. The wind damage vulnerability is something to look out for when hurricanes hit Florida and cause a blister, crack, and open joint repairs to be needed.


Industrial Roof Coating


This kind of roofing system can work to prevent leaks and provide businesses with energy savings. These systems are either in aluminum or elastomeric, both being equally as efficient with the difference being aesthetic preferences.


Modified Bitumen System


Modified Bitumen System roofs are made of asphalt and are commonly see on flat roofs. This is a common option used by businesses due to them being great in the long term and generally water-resistant. The durability is perfect for businesses that are at risk of being hit by hurricanes and rough storms. With 5 layers of protection, you can bet that this system can go a lot longer than others before a repair is needed. Regardless, this kind of roofing system does eventually need repairs as any other would. However, you will notice that it will be a while before you begin seeing cracks and blisters.


Regardless of what roofing system your commercial building has we are here to help with all repairs. We have a team of specialists with the expertise to properly repair any kind of roof system you throw at us. With Chase Roofing’s help, you can ensure your roofing system is not affecting your business. Contact us today by phone at (954) 680-8588 for all of your roof repair needs.