Hollywood Roofing Tips For a Long-Lasting Roof

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Hollywood Roofing Tips For a Long-Lasting Roof

Material on your Hollywood roof might need an inspection. Damaged roofs can cause significant issues in South Florida thanks to the extreme weather and changing building codes. Many times homeowners assume that because their roof does not leak, everything is fine, and they are ready for anything. They find out later on, after a hurricane, that these attitudes give them a false sense of security.  Avoiding these problems requires simple things you can do to prevent damage to your roof and prepare for South Florida’s adverse weather. It makes it easier when the time comes to call the Hollywood Roof professionals to replace or repair your roof. 

Buyers Beware

In Florida, it is always a good idea to ask a property owner about the roof’s age if you are buying. Anything older than 2007; will need an inspection done by a professional roofer in Hollwood to determine possible issues. The building codes are stricter and require more features to ensure the roof meets these standards. The older the roof, the higher the chances it is having problems the property owner will not tell you about. Buyers need to beware of the roof and ask some simple questions to avoid any future issues. One possible avenue is to call a team of professionals and have them look at it for you. They will come out, tell you what is wrong with the roof, and give you an assessment of what is necessary.  

A Ground Inspection

Before bringing in a Hollywood roof company you can use check and see if there are problems with the roof. The best way is to stand on the ground and look around the property for things like shingles at the front, sides, and back. Then, look up and see if there are loose flashings, sagging gutters, missing fasteners, and piles of debris on the ground. These issues indicate damage to the roof and that it needs replacing in the future. You can confirm these issues by calling Chase Roofing to do an inspection. These tactics ensure that you know the condition of your Hollywood roof and can identify any problems early. 


The summers in South Florida are brutal, with the heat, humidity, and temperatures exceeding 90 degrees on most days. Hurricane season doesn’t help as the rain and moist conditions cause water to build up. Ventilation is the key to ensuring the roof expels heat, moisture and cools down during the hottest times of the year. If there is no ventilation, the odds increase that its useful life will not be as long, and you will do constant repairs. Our Hollywood roof professionals can help by checking the ventilation and making sure it works properly. 


Insulation is critical for ensuring that your roof prevents heat from entering and cold air from escaping. The best approach is to have a layer over the ceiling to stop this from happening. It works with ventilation to protect the roof and improves your home’s energy efficiency. 

The Trees and Shrubs

In South Florida, everyone wants to have a beautiful yard that captures the tropical look and feel. The problem is that trees and shrubs overgrow rapidly during the summer, and they will drop branches, leaves, and debris onto your roof. The best approach is to trim the branches and shrubs at least twice a year. They add to the property’s beauty by making it look well kept, maintained, and controlled. It also protects the roof by ensuring that it does not overgrow and puncture the shingles and drop excessive debris. Our roofing professionals in Hollywood can help by offering advice about how far back to trim. Their insights make it easier to maintain your roof and keeping your property looking spectacular. 

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These tips are from roofing professionals in Hollywood with years of experience with roofs. Call Chase Roofing today at 954-680-8588 and see how they can help you to protect your property.

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