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Technological advances are so constant that we don’t even realize how much of our lives they impact, and it’s safe to say that we are always just one button away from accomplishing something great thanks to the innovation at our fingertips. One industry in particular we might not think of as “techy” is the roofing industry, which quite on the contrary, has also greatly benefitted from technology. We no longer have to rely on just hardware and tools to get the job done for our customers, because technology has brought about newer products and blueprints that ultimately yield better and more permanent results. Materials have evolved with functionality and safety as a first priority, and whether referring to synthetic underlayment, liquid sealants, or seemingly small advances like stainless steel nails, technology has made a huge impact in the way we view roofing.
To show just how big of a difference these advances can make, let’s focus on one specific example: Synthetic Underlayment. An underlayment is an extra layer of protection on top of the sheathing (often required to validate roofing warranties), and has been traditionally made out of felt. Synthetic underlayment boasts many advantages over the traditionally used felt, being made from a highly sturdy polypropylene fabric, which is six times lighter and three times stronger than felt, and also makes the product more water resistant. Synthetic underlayment also resists mold and has a UV coating that allows it to be left uncovered on a roof deck for up to 180 days. This new technology in particular also comes with the added benefit of being safer for the roofers to work with, and even better, additional protection for your home.
Besides product innovation, technological advances also allow professionals to be more organized. Organization is crucial both to the roofing company as well as to the homeowner; on one hand, the roofing company needs to keep track of the workers, their certifications and their safety records, while the homeowner has peace of mind trusting the roofing company to handle all the logistics and deliver the best result for their home.

Home roofing is not a typical construction or renovation project that just anyone can take on as a “DIY.” It requires experience, safety measures, and proper training to make sure the roof is impeccably installed, and the home is safe, especially in the case of natural disasters. Knowing that your roofing company is at the forefront of innovation in the industry and they’re using the newest and best products to safeguard your home, is priceless.


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