How to Detect Early Signs of Roof Leaks in Weston

How to Detect Early Signs of Roof Leaks in Weston

As a homeowner, you probably have a sixth sense when something isn’t right in your house. Whether this is a mold issue, rodent issue, or an air quality issue, many homeowners are on top of damages that are silently occurring. However, one of the most challenging devastations to spot are roof leaks in Weston. Why? They often start small, but their presence can eventually cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repair or replacement fees. At Chase Roofing, roof leaks are issues we see time and time again. If you suspect you have a leak, but you aren’t sure, you can use this article as a guide. We’ll list five top ways to spot a roof leak. Hopefully, you’ll catch the problem sooner than later!   

  • Musty Odors are a Sure Sign of Roof Leaks in Weston    

Perhaps the most common way homeowners find that their homes are under attack is when there are musty odors in rooms. Yet, they cannot identify where the smells are coming from! What they might not see, is the roof leak that is slowly but surely making an impact in the attic above their head. This can cause water damage, which then brings mold. The mold is what brings the musty smell, and it’s absolutely a time to be worried. Immediately, it’s best to call a roofing professional to identify any possible leaks.    

  • Water Stains on the Ceiling    

An evident sign of a leaking roof is if there are water stains on the ceiling. This is the second step in roofing leaks. First, the water will gather. Then, the weight of the water will become so severe, that it will begin to sink into the materials within the ceiling. This is not only unsightly, but there’s a good chance that it’s bringing mold in the process.    

  • Water Damage Signs Outside of the Home    

Sometimes there are stains on the outside of the walls of your home. This can mean various things. Either the water isn’t running off in the appropriate pipes, which are meant to direct rainwater away from the home, or a roofing leak is happening on the outside corners of your home. Either way, these are both issues that need addressing.    

  • A Cracking or Falling Ceiling   

You’ll know a roofing leak is significant when the water that comes through begins to crack the ceiling. This means that you’ll see visible cracking where water damage coloring is showing. You might also notice that the ceiling is bulging or drooping. This is not only a roofing issue but now a remediation issue. There are high chances for mold, and you’ll need a ceiling replacement. If the leak is that severe, you’re probably also looking at a roof replacement.     

  • Missing Shingles    

Last, but not least, if you can tell that you are missing shingles on your roof, there’s a chance that you’re also dealing with a roofing leak. The point of shingles is to protect that more vulnerable part of your roof. The shingles protect the interior from the sun, rain, and wind. Without this protection, the interior of the roof can weaken, and therefore, can be more susceptible to damage.    


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