How to qualify your Roofing Contractor in Fort Lauderdale

How to qualify your Roofing Contractor in Fort Lauderdale

High-quality long-lasting roofing systems are the norm, however to make certain you have the right crew for your house and job we are providing some key qualifying questions to ask before hiring your next South Florida roofing contractor.

The majority of roofing contractors in Fort Lauderdale are hard-working folks selling a quality roofing system, although there also seems to be the shady dealer on the side, looking to make a quick-buck at your expense.

Roofing Contractor Florida State License

Begin by asking about the state licensing the contractor holds. To verify the information just call the Department of Business and Professional Regulation at 1-850-487-1395. Verify the person is a properly-licensed Fort Lauderdale roofing contractor.

Is the deal “Too Good to Be True?”

Properly designed roofing systems save the average home owner almost 50% of all yearly heating and cooling costs. If a contractor is offering a deal that sounds impossibly cheap-it probably is. Call the better business bureau after checking the contractor’s license number.

High Pressure Sales Should Raise a Red Flag

Any contractor who applies pressure towards a fast sale should be avoided. Good contractors understand that a major roofing decision needs some time. Giving potential customers time to think over roofing options is not only a common courtesy, it is good business practice.

How Long Has The Contractor Been in Business?

While longevity in business is not always the mark of a great contractor, the work-history of your roofing contractor should be easy to track while showing high-levels of success supporting a busy calendar.

Roofing Is Risky Business

The roofing business is normally one with many injuries and damage claims because of the dangerous nature of the work. Ask to see you contractor’s workman’s compensation plan and their insurance liability policy to protect yourself and your family from any disputes.

Get Several Bids and Compare the Offers

Cost differences will show the better contractor. Get a written bid from several sources. Compare values to discover the best fit. There will always be several roofing options available. Choose a system that has product-approval by a licensed contractor while making sure you have the ability to compare prices.

Be Certain Your Roofing Contractor has Building Permits

All building and permitting codes need to be followed and laws exist about how to proceed with standards for roofing. Every installation will need to be inspected by a permitting professional.

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