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Every manufacturer creates its own set of metal roof colors many of which are very similar in appearance. These colors are available in both galvalume and aluminum. 

Check out these two color charts below from two different manufacturers that service the Florida region. We work with both manufacturers and are able to get you whatever you need. When you meet with our metal roof consultant, they will be able to review these colors with you in person. 

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How Long Does The Color Last?

It’s important to keep in mind the difference between the manufacturer’s warranty on the color, and how long the roof itself can last. A metal roof can easily last 40-to-60 years. The manufacturer warranty on the paint might not last that long but it doesn’t mean you will see the color fade early. 

The beautiful thing about metal roofs is that even after the metal roof colors have faded, you are able to easily restore the roof rather than replace it. This is why so many people choose metal roofs over asphalt, and why regular maintenance is a valuable investment. 

Metal roof colors come in a variety of manufacturer warranties, lasting as long as 20-years. Limited warranties are available on all Galvalume and painted aluminum roofing material, along with a 20-to-35 year limited warranty on its coatings. 

But when you compare a warranty on a metal roof compared to an asphalt shingle roof, it’s an easy choice, metal roofs win every time. 

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Metal Roof Paint

Our manufacturers that we get our metal roofing from go through the painstaking task of inspecting and testing every piece of metal that ends up on your roof. 

There is a variety of value-added coatings including Energy Star compliant Kynar, LEED, Polyesters, silicone polyesters, plastisols, and acrylics over every major substrate. This includes Galvalume, galvanized, aluminum, or cold-rolled steel. 

How To Maintain Your Metal Roof Colors

We highly recommend having maintenance performed on your metal roof on a regular basis. Every 2-to-5 years in the beginning and every year towards the end of its estimated life. During these maintenance inspections, we take a look at all the flashing and parts of the roof in general. But when it comes to metal roof colors and paint, we also want to keep an eye out for any damage to the paint. 

Metal Roof Colors And The Sun

With the proper coatings, your metal roof can help your attic stay cooler longer. Which can lead to a significant reduction in the energy bill of your building. For example, there is a coating for metal roofs, an UltraCool low gloss paint finish, which reflects the majority of the sun’s rays. Our metal roofs are painted with a powerful two-coat, high-performance Fluoropolymer, which has exceptional weathering characteristics.  

How To Pick A Metal Roof Color

When you meet with a roof consultant, they should be able to provide you with a paper sample that has all the metal roof colors on it, along with a physical metal roof sample. They might even have a keychain metal sampler, similar to a typical pain keychain sampler. 

Sometimes you are able to take a physical sample, that might be 2’ x 2’ square, and place it on the roof and then step back and look at the house from the curb. 

Another idea would be to drive around your neighborhood looking for similar homes that have metal. Your roof consultant should also be able to recommend some previous jobs that we installed a metal roof, that you could take a look at. 

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